Portal 2 75% Off Coupon

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by shaken, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. shaken

    shaken Member

    I have one. And I already own Portal 2. Anyone want it?

    EDIT: I also have a copy of the original Portal that I could gift to someone. And a copy of Left 4 Dead, the original. Just speak up if you want them.
  2. Createx

    Createx Member

    I don't have L4D yet, so I'd be a taker here, I could give you a Steam Key for Humble Bundle #3 in exchange if you want :)
  3. eskr

    eskr Member

    That game was great, jut FYI.
  4. shaken

    shaken Member

    Createx is the owner of a shiny new copy of L4D, so now I just have a copy of Portal, and the 75% off Portal 2 coupon if anyone wants.
  5. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    I have one of those Portal 2 coupons also. I got Portal 1 for free last year(Valve had a special sale that made it free), and I got Portal 2 for 75% off like christmas or something. If anyone doesn't have Portal 2, please post here and maybe shaken or I will give it to you.
  6. skabde

    skabde Member

    No takers here so far? I only just dug out Portal, so I'd love to try out Portal 2 now as well!
  7. Createx

    Createx Member

    I just noticed that I have that coupon as well, evidently anyone who owns P2 gets the coupon. Trying to convince a RL friend who is totally not into gaming to give it a go for those 5 bucks :p
  8. Tycho

    Tycho Member

    Not into gaming...? Do those kinds of people actually still exist?
  9. Dynamod

    Dynamod Member

    I wouldn't mind one of those 75% off portal 2 coupons, I've been wanting the game for awhile now.

    just you know, been busy with tf2, dredmor, and some other unrelated games eating up my life >_>
  10. shaken

    shaken Member

    I sent skabde a message, since he sounded interested in mine. If he doesn't respond in the next day or two I'll hit you up. Maybe Arron will hook you up before then though.
  11. Createx

    Createx Member

    If someone is lacking a P2 coupon still, mine is also free as of now, just PM me with your Steam name :)
  12. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Thank you Createx. I have bought the game with the coupon. I now have a 75% off coupon to give away. That means Portal 2 for $5. Anyone want it? If so, please PM me your Steam ID and I will login so we can add one-another as friends so I can give you the coupon.
  13. Createx

    Createx Member

    Seems like we have a neverending chain of P2 coupons here :D Go get it, one of my favourite games ever.