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    This mod adds My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related content to the game.
    Features a skill tree, a handful of new items (more to be added) and a room for the Elements of Harmony.


    Level 0 - Twilight's spark
    You can shoot plasma bullets from your horn. The more friends you have, the stronger
    they become, but it also becomes more expensive as you level up.
    No changelings were harmed during testing.

    Level 1 - Fluttershy's caress
    Fluttershy will heal you up, all she needs is a bit of mana.
    She also gives you a temporary HP regen buff. (stacks 3 times)

    Level 2 - Rarity's radiance
    Gives you a set of passive buffs.
    Magic and a few resistances, you are a unicorn after all.

    Level 3 - Kicks McGee
    Who would've thought that bucking works on enemies too?
    You can stun enemies with your hooves. Has a cooldown period.

    Level 4 - Pinkie sense
    Passive buffs.
    You become better at avoiding damage. Laws of physics no longer apply to you.

    Level 5 - Sonic rainboom
    You can dash through the dungeon; your sonic rainboom stuns those who happen to be too close to you.
    Has a cooldown.

    Level 6 - Nothing special...
    Unleash the wubs.

    Also available on the Steam Workshop.

    Constructive criticism is welcome.

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    I think you're the third person to post a my little pony mod, the joke is old.
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    You want opinions? Because BOY OH BOY do I have opinions. :p
    0 - For comparison, see Deathly Hex (Necronomiconomics 0, core) and Light Dart (Radiant Wizard 0, iccorps' Roguish Renovation mod). All three are missiles, all three Level 0.
    Deathly Hex: 6 mp, mincost 2. Damage is 6:dmg_necromatic: + 0.4:magic_power: + 1:dmg_blast:, healing caster for 0.3:magic_power: in the process (drain ftw). Only rarely costs more than 2 MP, and never more than 4 -- with a savvyBonus of 0.3, merely starting with all Wiz/Rog skills is enough to hit the floor. This is balanced by the debuffs and followup 5:dmg_necromatic: + 0.5:magic_power: self-damage, spread over several turns.
    Light Dart: 7 mp, mincost 3. Damage is 5:dmg_righteous: + 0.5:magic_power:. Costs 5 or 6 MP out the gate, and takes 27 Savvy to reach the minimum, or around 6 levels if pure Wiz/Rog. I'll admit this is easily my favorite of the three -- only marginally more expensive than the Hex for better power-scaling, and no pesky self-damage or debuffs.
    Twilight's Spark: mincost 5 in Workshop, 6 in beta. Damage is 5:dmg_aethereal: + 0.5:magic_power: + 3*Ponymancy level. Behaves much like Deathly Hex in terms of the casting cost -- if not minimized immediately, then no more than a few player-levels afterward. Spark looks ... kinda weak by comparison, actually. At most it's doing 18 more damage than Light Dart, for nearly double the cost.

    My vote is to drop the mincost to 4, maybe lower the base damage by a few points and raise the Ponymancy scale to 4 or 5. It almost certainly doesn't need an inverse-cost-scaling nerf -- but if you really want to do it ... <effect="spellpoints" amountF="-.34" secondaryScale="15"/> would almost do what you're looking for.

    Also ... as was pointed out in recent Workshop comments, 2:mana_regen: is really strong for starting equipment, double-especially since it's amulet-slotted and has resists against common early-floor damage types. Between Octavia's Bow Tie, Rarity's Radiance, and the Floor 2 Crown room, you're offering the main draw of Ley Line Walker nearly twice over, nearly from the very start of the game.

    1 - DEAR SWEET CELESTIA this is OP.
    For comparison: The Cure (Emomancy 1, RotDG), Knit Flesh (Fleshsmithing 1, core), Level 5 Vegan (Killer Vegan 5, RotDG), and Cleanse (Druid Magic 3, Vandolin's Druid Magic mod).
    The Cure: 16 mp, requires One-Freaking-Hundred Savvy (give/take) to bring it to its mincost of 6. Removes one debuff, heals 7:life: + 0.2:magic_power:, then slaps you with an unremovable 99-turn debuff.
    Knit Flesh: 15 mp, requires 60 Savvy to reach the mincost of 3. No debuff removal, heals 6:life: + 0.27:magic_power:, plus another 6:life: + 1.5:magic_power: and +2:life_regen: (non-stacking) over the next 6 turns.
    Level 5 Vegan: 120-turn cooldown. Removes one debuff, no healing.
    Cleanse: 25 mp, no savvyBonus. Removes three debuffs, no healing.
    Fluttershy's Caress: 15 mp, requires a mere 17 Savvy to reach the mincost of 10. Removes all the debuffs, heals 10:life: + 0.3:magic_power:, and gives 40 turns of +2:life_regen: (that stacks up to +6) to boot.

    With anything less than 60 Savvy (i.e. almost everyone almost all of the time), Caress is both cheaper and wildly more effective than The Cure. Which is most of the reason people take Emomancy at all -- for the delicious debuff removal, particularly to crank out more Necronomiconomics spells and/or get the benefits of Veganism without the drawbacks. Yes, it's a (slightly) less effective healer than Knit Flesh, but that's just fine. Debuff removal is already an extremely strong effect, and by word of Gaslamp will be even more desirable once CotWL hits and we have Banksterism debuffs (et al.) to manage. At minimum, Caress needs amount="1" added to its uncurse, a higher maximum cost, and less savvyBonus.

    2 - After Caress, Radiance feels ... lackluster (pun intended). But then again, it's a net 4 Sagacity and a point of delicious Mana Regen, with Tinkering and AcidR as gravy. AaAaAArgh leave it alone I guess.

    3 - Kicks McGee feels the most out-of-place of anything in the tree, in my opinion. With good reason -- it's a melee ability in a tree that revolves around ranged magic. It has one fairly major drawback, though -- while the 0.4:burliness: scale puts it just ahead of how Burl affects basic melee power, it gains no other form of scaling, and thus doesn't benefit from the player's equipment, can't make use of on-hit buffs and procs, can't crit, is considered (and is resisted by) un-Earth-Pony-like magic, et cetera. I'd suggest bringing it more in line with Arch-Diggle Smash from RotDG -- lower the initial :dmg_crushing: and the scaling factor, then add attack="1" to the main <spell> tag to give it more kick (pun also intended). This will also conveniently change the casting animation from "waving hands about casting spells" to "smashing the diggle's face in with your currently-equipped weapon."

    4 - It's ... a little random, I suppose. But then, so's Pinkie Pie. Do note that Magic Reflect only affects missile-type spells, though -- this level does nothing against, say, the toxic gas clouds generated by Golden Doom-Tubers, or Dredmor's deadly Fulminaric Bolt. Maybe -- MAYBE -- change it out for a few points of Magic Resist?

    5 - Mmmm-MM! Delicious directed teleporting. However ... between the passives and the massive (though admittedly resistable) AoE stun/confuse, it puts Move in Mysterious Ways to shame. Lots and LOTS of shame. Perhaps the cooldown should be lengthened and the stun duration shortened?

    6 - Okay, yes, it's a beam with higher up-front damage than anything else outside of mods, with the possible exception of a Plaid Arcane Capacitor hit. I'm not sure that justifies an altogether unappetizing casting cost of 40, however. Also note that the player only needs 34 Savvy to reach that cost -- and the player will be two-thirds of the way there, at minimum, just by maxing Ponymancy. I'd suggest lowering the mincost significantly, then nerfing the base :dmg_blast::dam_voltaic::dmg_aphyxiative: to compensate.
    tl;dr: buff Spark, nerf Caress, ignore the drama queen, buff Kicks, twitcha-twitch Pinkie Sense, nerf Rainboom, cheapen Bass Cannon.
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    Spark has been pointed out to be OP already. His response was "but it's only slightly more powerful than dragon's breath", thus invoking the pyromancy is OP counter. I haven't really bothered looking through the code though.

    PS: Deathly hex and the whole tree of radiant wizard come with significant drawbacks.
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    Woo! Thanks, that was very helpful. I'll update it as soon as I'm able to publish to the workshop...
    Currently I can't even publish a new mod, it breaks as soon as I upload anything, hopefully I can contact Alden on Monday.
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    Looking at RHM's reference thread, another way to scale Spark (that might justify the higher casting cost) would be to make it secondaryScale="25" and remove the Wand Burnout points from the rest of the tree. This would key it off of the player's total Wizard levels, though you'd want to lower the aetherealF to compensate.

    And since EqEx was mentioned, whatever you do, DON'T try to run both Ponymancy and EqEx. Two Sonic Rainbooms will make the game crash in 10 seconds flat. (Probably.)
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    Honestly, I don't feel it OP, yesterday I created 9 characters, and only one of them made it to floor 2. (Rogue, permadeath) I died on floor 7, but the only reason to use the spark was to take down snow baals which resist fire damage a lot. And you needed roughly 8 shots for that. And those things don't come alone. I meant that it deals more base damage, but it is much weaker than any of those.

    It deals 5 + 0.5*magic power damage for 5 MP, and every additional skill level adds 3 damage.
    (The cost is practically fixed on 5 MP, I tried to do some negative scaling (I know, I know), but it doesn't seem to work out.)
    Now it simply deals 5+0.5* damage in beta for 6-8 MP (0.15 savvyBonus)

    We didn't test it much on any other difficulty, to be honest...

    Now hold on for a second ಠ_ಠ
    How do you see my beta in the workshop?
    It's set for friends only, not to mention that it's broken
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    You stated it outright in the first post is how. ;)

    Oh, and then there again in the post before this.
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    I guess I'm growing senile...
    Although there was a guy who commented on my mod claiming that he can see the beta as well. (And every other private item)
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    The problem with spark at the time I used it wasn't that it was OP in the sense of damage scaling, but that it was too cheap.

    I made a suggestion to fire multiple missiles as triggers in a targetfloor spell kind of like how Ward Toss works.

    Also I don't follow the whole my little pony thing but I do not get the hate at all. It seems rather random to criticize something for having ponies in it with groanworthy and so forth, especially given that this is actually pretty nice work (although it didn't make it past my cut when I last tried it). What's the gain for groaning about ponies?

    Going to stop waxing there lest I might accidentally derail the thread and invoke the divine wrath of Daynab. Still Aegho, just be nice, it does pay off!
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    I dunno if Aresius is still around, but I noticed that using Caress removes the mana-regen effect of Leyline Siphoning.. If he's gone, anyone knows how to fix that?
  14. Aresius

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    Hey! It should only remove bad buffs (curses, the effect is uncurse), I'll look into it.
  15. Rakankrad

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    If it's any help, the icon itself stays active, but the effect goes away (it resets to base mana regen.. I dunno how to explain it perfectly, english isn't my main language, so I wouldn't make sense if I went in a deeper explanation)
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    It appears that uncurse also removes dot (damage over time) spells regardless of their effect, and siphon's mana regen is actually a dot spell. Unfortunately I'm unable to check how many more rounds from the siphon's buff are left, so if I throw in a +2 MP/round regen if the buff is active, it can be abused. I'll make it so that if the buff is active, it won't uncurse anything. It's a minor nerf compared to the intended behaviour (if you have a bad curse and a good dot spell on yourself, it won't remove the bad curse), but it's still better than taking away the regen. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Eh. I'm not sure that's necessary -- once you realize that that's what's happening, you just need to take the step of "so don't do that after popping Siphon." Doing a workaround specifically for Siphon seems pointless when it'll still break other beneficial DoTs like Fairywodgers, Nightcaps, Egyptian Magic's Nilehotep heal, Banksterism's Pyramid Scheme, and so on, especially since this is also an "issue" for every other uncurse in the game.
  18. Aresius

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    I thought about looking up every beneficial dot effect, but if it's an issue for every other uncurse, I'll just add a warning to the description.
  19. Rakankrad

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    Yeah, a warning will be good enough I think. It was just a case of "wtf is going on" when it happened the 1st few times, until I noticed that was what was going on.
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    Oh hey this thread isn't dead. Good, I can bitch in here.

    Twilight's Spark is still my go-to spell in almost every situation except zoos which is probably an indication that it's too strong. According to what I'm seeing, it even scales nicely as you get deeper. Maybe increase its mana cost, like someone else said in here, because it is much more spammable than most straightforward damage spells. It should be substantially weaker than Deathly Curse, either in power or in usability.

    If you nerfed Fluttershy at all, I haven't noticed. It is still godly. It blows away every other heal I can possibly think of.

    Rarity gives nice buffs, a very relevant resist, and a point of Tinkering, so I can't complain. Still, I often feel like skills that give passive buffs could always be made more fun by making them a proc or an active. Like what if Rarity could give you a major buff that requires you to eat gems? Whatever; it's your vision, not mine.

    I have no opinion about Applejack. It works, it's weaker than the Unarmed kick, it gives me zap apples, and it gives me a lovely, lovely point of Alchemy.

    Just my opinion but Pinkie is even less exciting than Rarity. Maybe those stats are stronger than I realize? The magic reflect is cool, but overall I don't get this level. Either way it would be much more fun to, say, give you a buff when you dodge or something, because then I could see a Pinkie effect happening on my character.

    Rainboom is crazy in that any perfect teleport is crazy, but it's so deep in the tree that maybe it's not much crazier than other perfect teleports. Still consider giving it more of a downside.

    Still think that the pony-themed items should be very powerful items that are found deep in the dungeon, but that's your call.

    I am no expert but I am pretty sure an item that gives you a primary stat is much better than an item that gives you the same amount of a secondary stat.

    Also, the crown that doesn't give mana regen is MUCH weaker than the others. A humble suggestion: Make Celestia and Luna good for wizards, with magic power for Luna and mana regen+Savvy for Celestia, instead of damage. Make Cadence a warrior and Chrysalis a rogue.

    Vandal is spot-on about the wub cannon. Do that.
    Note: I am using the workshop version, here. Will report back after updating, assuming the file up there is working and the workshop hasn't been updated.

    Largely, this mod is very nice! Zap apples are a very nice idea, I like that it has custom art, and the skills are all 100% functional and very useful. Brony on.