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  1. Byron

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    I can't seem to get my mod to work and i've read through a few tutorials and searched online but i just don't understand xml too well and thought i would at least give it a try. Anyways my goal is to make a skill that can craft all items regardless of type ex: alchemy, smithing, tinkering, wand crafting. I also wanted to try and get that transmutationer skill to work but i can't even get the skill to show up.

    Crafting Genius

    Skill DB Xml
    <skill name="Crafting Genius" id="" type="rogue" description="Crafting guru can craft anything needed in order to survive if he has the materials.">
    <art icon="spell_white0_64.png"/>
    <ability startSkill="1" name="Crafting Apprentice" icon="skills/aetherweaver64.png" skill="" >
    <description text=""/>

    <ability name="Crafting Apprentice" icon="spell_white0_64.png" skill="30" level="1">
    <description text="You think your talented? Ha! Your just a grasshopper."/>
    <primarybuff id="1" amount="2" />
    <secondarybuff id="23" amount="6"/>
    <secondarybuff id="11" amount="5" />

    <ability name="Crafting Journeyman" icon="skills/alchemical_inspiration64.png" skill="29" level="2">
    <description text="So you think your somebody now? ha i've seen better." />
    <spell name ="Gem Transmutation"/>
    <primarybuff id="1" amount="3" />
    <secondarybuff id="21" amount="6" />
    <secondarybuff id="13" amount="1" />
    <secondarybuff id="14" amount="1" />

    <ability name="Crafting Master" icon="skills/forge_lord64.png" skill="32" level="3" >
    <description text="You better stop trying so hard, you might break a nail." />
    <secondarybuff id="19" amount="6" /> <!-- smith -->
    <primarybuff id="0" amount="3" /> <!-- BUR -->
    <damagebuff crushing="1"/>

    <ability name="Crafting Guru" icon="skills/music_of_the_gears64.png" skill="33" level="4" >
    <description text="Well aren't you proud mr. Know-it-all you can craft anything!" />
    <primarybuff id="5" amount="3" /> <!-- sav -->
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="3" /> <!-- nim -->
    <secondarybuff id="16" amount="3"/> <!-- trap level -->
    <secondarybuff id="20" amount="6" /> <!-- tinkering -->
    <require expansion="2"/>

    SpellDB xml

    <spell name="Gem Transmutation" type="item" downtime="20" consumeItem="1" consumeItemType="gem" icon="skills/rogue/alchemy2_32.png" >
    <description text="Convert a gem into another more different gem."/>
    <effect type="spawn" itemname="randomgem"/>
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/glintA/glintA" frames="5" framerate="60" sfx="ping" />
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    What is that <alchemySkills> doing there?
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  3. Byron

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    its for the transmutation skill to change gems into other gems.
  4. zellking

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    im guessing you mean the entire tree doesn't show up right?
    looking at it, its because the skill ID's are different each time,
    try changing the ID at the skill introduction bit to be the same as all the skill=" <here>" bits
    you can also use skillname="<here>" to use words by swapping out ID="<here> " and skill="<here>" for it
    here of course referring to the word/number of your choice
    <EDIT> I messed around with it quickly and set up the ID things so you can view what I've done if you didn't understand what I meant.
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  5. Byron

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    Ok, so i changed the ID of all the skill="<here>" bits and ID and its still giving me the same problems maybe im doing somthing else wrong as well? anyways is there someone out there that could make a simple mod like mine? i'd love to be able to freely make any item i want with out having to take 2 crafting skills (Smithing for gear, tinkering for traps and ranged weaponry/end game gear).
  6. mining

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    I'd suggest downloading another mod and having a look at the skills and spells setup - it'll make it much more apparent what basic things are required and how to define spells.
  7. zellking

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    A straight up fix, since I had done it when I viewed the thread the first time.

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  8. Byron

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    Thanks alot for the help guys! much appreciated, (zellking + mining). I'll take you up on checking other peoples mods mining tyvm.

    Just tested the file you uploaded zellking, it works perfectly! tyvm!.

    Also if any mods come across this topic can you lock it or close it? I'm pretty much done ty.