Planetary Annihilation

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Movra, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Yes! A thousand times yes! I loved TA back in the day. The sheer scale of combat was fantastic. Supreme Commander did a good job of stepping it up and this looks to be a war game of mind blowing scale. I admire the ambition of this project and can only hope it gets all the funding required and then some.

    I will be throwing my money at it you can be sure.
  3. Daynab

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    Pretty neat, and I don't usually like RTS games.
  4. Kazeto

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    I just quoted that to say that I feel the same way.
  5. Frelus

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    Totally Want (tm).
    So going to get this.
  6. OmniaNigrum

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    I have not played an RTS in a decade or more. But this does look fun.
  7. Lorrelian

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    Fun? Just fun? You can do a frikkin' kinetic orbital bombardment using the solar asteriod belt.

    If that doesn't make you dance with pure joy, I don't know what is.
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    Thanks so much for pointing this out. I also have many fond memories of TA. :)
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    You know, I *Almost* edited my above post since I did play Statecraft 2, but then I realized that was not a RTS at all... :)
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    I really waited for a game that allowed me to use the environment in big things, so I love the abilites this game gives the player.
    The funding seems to go through well, $500k of $900k already collected and 25 days to go still.
    I'm going to give them 20$ too, I think.
  11. klaymen_sk

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    I don't know why, but I can't start liking this.
    You know, we have TA, then we have SupCom and SupCom2. Why another one?
    And I am one of those who like TA.
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    @klaymen: I hear you actually. SupCom 1 was a natural evolution of TA (let's not talk about SupCom2 :) ). I honestly don't expect to ever spend a lot of time playing PA (the control logistics of such things end up being tiresom imo). But I don't entirely care. Even if I were never going to play the game I'll give them money because I want to see this genre evolving and it looks like they're shooting for exactly that. $20 ain't no thang. And I expect that I actually will get more than '$20 enjoyment from it'. ;)

    Honestly, even just the trailer showed exceptional craftsmanship and design. They deserve $5 for that.
  13. Frelus

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    I sure hope you can also do things more destructive than flying asteroids into planets, especially given the scale they spoke about... Whole solar systems.
    Interstellar Artillery Able To Cause Supernovas needed ;)
  14. eskr

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    @Frelus: Hmm. Thought it's difficult to achieve in practice, in Chess you can force a draw by forcing your king into a position from which he can't move without checking himself. It's a cool last ditch, "from the depths of hell I spit at thee" move.
    It would actually be neat to have something similar in an RTS. You know you're going to lose so you supernova a whole system wiping out both sides.
    Kind of poetic in the context of pointless conflict as well. :)
  15. Frelus

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    Ah, I said interplanetary, I meant they talked about interstellar scales, as I remember.
    Games taking a whole day and so on, seemed to me like there would be 100++ stars, so supernovas should not be that much of a problem once you have tech on a level needed to build them.
    Also, there can always be defenses...
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  16. eskr

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    No, no, I understood what you meant. And you're right, in a potentially multistellar context blowing up one sun is not necessarilly a game nuke.
    BUT, I think the idea of having game nuking options is actually pretty cool. It adds a new element, especially to group play, as all of the sudden an underdog has a form of power. Running from asteroid to asteroid, avoiding making tech buildings and then abandoning them as other players hunt you down, all the while trying to race to a doomsday weapon to bring the lasting equality of death to all the players. Other players hunting you down while fighting eachother.
    Could be fun. Lot's of things are more fun when you don't worry overmuch about "balance".
  17. Movra

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    Kickstarter counting down, reaching over $2.2M :D

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