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  1. I originally had some of this information in the bug thread, but there are so many problems with pets that I feel it should have its own thread.

    I think Golemancy's pets (probably applies to all pets in the game as well) need a LOT of work.

    <b>Pathing or cannot reach target</b>
    The two pets, animate mustache and the mortal machine, both have some really bad pathing around small winding tunnels or water way terrain. If a monster is on the other side of the waterway he will try to get to him and just stay in place even though he cannot get to the monster as seen in this picture:

    They also get stuck on one block objects and won't go around unless you come and get them as seen in this picture:

    They will constantly lock onto monsters that cannot be reached. Pet ignores lil batty while locked onto a monster he cannot get to:

    If the pet gets surrounded trying to go after the monster he cannot reach he will just die and not defend himself since he cannot get to his target. They should attack anything that is on them instead of just trying to attack or go after one that it cannot get to. Picture of mortal machine that was trying to get to the enraged diggle, but was surrounded and died without defending himself:
    Mortal machine stuck on deth going after something else dies to it from full without attacking back:

    <b>Duplicating your pet exploit</b>
    I have also noticed an issue with the mortal machine or mustache (probably applies to other pets as well) when you have one in play when you save and quit. He will still be in the game when you return, but he will not count as your pet anymore. He will behave different. Monsters will ignore him and not attack him as if he was one of their own. He will still attack the monsters, but they will never attack him. Basically, he still acts like your pet, but monsters no longer attack him.

    Here is another issue with this bug. Since he no longer counts as your pet, you can summon another one like seen below. This new one will behave properly like your pet. The one that was already in the game still behaves incorrectly, though.
    Here is a screen showing two of the same pet in play:
    Works with animated mustache as well:

    This also causes a new exploit. now you can save/quit and rejoin and they will both act like they are no longer your pet, but continue to attack monsters. You can continue this and spawn a massive army of mortal machines like shown in these pictures:

    <b>Does not follow through portals or floors</b>
    I also do not know if this next one is a bug or by design, but your pet will not follow you down or up to the next floor. He will still be in play and still be on the previous floor if your return to it, but will not follow you. It would be nice if he would follow you to the next floor. This also applies to portal pads. If you step on one he will not follow.

    <b>Experience on pet death</b>
    It is also weird that you get experience for your pet dying. No idea if that is intended or a bug, but I don't think you should get experience just because he died. If he is near death and I want to summon a new one I will just finish him off and get the experience for it. By killing the army I summoned in the pictures above I gained 800 experience (100 per mortal machine or a whopping 1 experience for the animated mustache). This makes no sense.

    There also needs to be an icon on the mini map to show you where your pet is. So that we can see where he is if he gets stuck, player goes through a portal or teleports away from him.

    Maybe you can make it if you get so far away or if he is stuck for so long he warps back to you.

    <b>New bugs since creation of post:</b>

    <b>Movement through pet bug</b>
    You can not walk through your pet if are using the mouse to move. The player will try and walk around the pet instead of through him. If the pet is in a 1 square walkway you can not get by. However, the player can walk through the pet if you are using the keyboard to move. The pet will switch places with you when you move into his square.

    <b>Pets eat potions with no effect</b>
    You can feed food to a pet and they will regain health (which is normal I hope). You can give the golemancy pets ale to recover mana even though they have none. You can also give potions to pets, but they do not seem to receive the benefits, positive or negative, of the potion. If they are supposed to be able to receive potions you should make an icon to show the pets buffs. If they are not suppose to be able to use potions then disable them from being able to take them.
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    Yeah, I was noticing the same problems with the Fleshsmithing pet.

    It's rather useless at the moment unless you happen to be in a large open room with no obstructions. Thing is, I tried it in a Monster Zoo, and it didn't work much better.

    The Zomby I summoned was apparently trying to attack a monster further in the back of the room, and wasn't attacking anything else in range. Meanwhile everything attacked it.
  3. I had a feeling the pathing issues were the same way with other pets. Any of the other bugs/exploits I listed work on the Fleshsmithing pet?
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    Pretty much all of it. I think it's just a general pet AI bug.
    Though the save/load thing works too. You can make a huge army if you have enough corpses. :)
  5. Added some more bugs since last post. Updated in main post.