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    My wander is lvl 60 now, act 2 Merciless. I finally took Chaos Inoculation because f#$k snakes and poison archers. Current build. I respecced from the top wand cluster, physical damage is too negligible for it to be worth the points. I'll take Inner Force next, running 5 auras (Anger, Wrath, Discipline, Clarity, Grace) so the +30% buff will be great. Next up will probably be the second Nullification cluster for more ES (only 2k at the moment but my gear is pretty crap). 25% chance to evade helps a bit, but so far the most dangerous mobs are the ones with Puncture - no easy way to recover from it, need to just tank the damage. LMP Power Siphon DPS is 1200, single target 2k with 6 power charges. I will need more mana to level auras more, 70 regen is nice but more buffer would be great. Long term passive-wise I'll probably grab Body&Soul cluster from Templar, as well as more elemental damage nodes.

    I also finally took the time to post a sale thread with some items (mostly levels 20-50) I accumulated:
    So if you want anything, feel free to ask. :)
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    Oh well, I find it funny how I have about 110% chance to evade their attacks, and that is if my 30% chance to dodge them doesn't work. On the downside, I tend to be stunned whenever something large hits me (which decreases my DPS, which annoys me) so I'm trying to get the stun-stopping amulet by abusing orbs of chance on onyx amulets.

    PS. I need more dodge because I don't feel invincible enough. I think there was a unique item with that...
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    Don't even try any of your "builds", mining.

    From the get-go I can tell you "not enough health". I am playing with something I could consider to be a "DPS character" (offence over defence) and I have a total of +68% health now.

    As I said earlier in this thread, genuine glass cannons are not viable in this game. If you go with what I saw in your "builds", you won't get through the second difficulty unless you over-level so much it's not even funny or get ridiculously lucky with item drops.

    Without any +health nodes, you have a mere 644 health at level 100 (which nobody even has), and that's less than your character needs to get through "cruel" (second, out of third) difficulty unless you are a "master of the matrix" (interpretation of these words I leave to you, but I reckon it will be close to the meaning I intended for it to carry). Of course, it is possible to get through it with low life, but for that you need really high energy shield, and with your character's intelligence not being the highest stat (and with you not going for Chaos Inoculation for whatever reason, seeing as you are pretty close and it would probably do you good if energy shield is going to be your main means of defence) it begs the question of whether it was a deliberate choice or something you decided to "throw in" after selecting all the damage-increasing nodes in the vicinity.
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    I missed Chaos Innoculation? Meant to grab it - I must have thought I'd clicked it and not realized :~.

    I shifted it overall towards a more intelligence focused build, losing out on some of the raw damage, but still hopefully getting enough damage to be relevant in conjunction with the life leech passive to maintain my energy shield with the assistance of kiting to reset it.

    Anyway - I'm still downloading it, so I don't really know what to expect - but Shadow w/ Energy Shield as a core defensive mechanism, backed up by evasion to help bolster its efficiency - using dual wielded claws to get life leech, which will go into the energy shield - is the intent.
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    Yeah my main is a dual wield claw shadow, all I can tell you is don't miss the life and defensive nodes as you'll need them.
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    From what I've heard for a straight "glass cannon" build you still need either 50%+ from life nodes or 120%+ from ES depending on the character type.