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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nacho, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Nacho

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    The ability to see tiles "off screen" but still in your field of view. On my laptop, my vision south is never greater than 3, no matter what my perception is, because that's just the way the screen works. It makes using long range attacks almost impossible in rooms I enter from the north. If there was a way to move the camera around, that would be nice.
  2. Rawk Hawk

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    I'm for this idea. My monitor is pretty small so I can only see MAYBE 2 squares at the bottom and not very far in other directions.

    I'd love to be able to use Necromancy to its full extent without being scared of one shotting myself.
  3. Essence

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    I hate to be a downer, but this has been suggest several times since Way Back In The Day, and the devs have basically said "It's not going to happen."

    Sorry. :(
  4. thecraww

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    Hmm, if any of your systems have a way to rotate the display (not the physical screen) by ninety degrees without leaving the game, you might be able to fudge a bit of vertical range when you need to. No idea how that works with the game resolution but if there's parts of the screen you can't see now, they might show up. :b

    The ones at my old school had shortcuts for it. Something with alt and the arrow keys, or ctrl...
  5. Bohandas

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    We definitely need something to address the issue of the entire field of view not fitting on the monitor.
  6. Brojek

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    I have just bought the game and played few tutorials and all the time, I had that nagging in the back of my head: "how do I scroll my view, so I can see everything that is in sight of my playing character?". Turns out, I do not.

    This is very annoying interface limitation. I am not going to play this game, nor buy any expansion packs until this issue is addressed.
  7. mining

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    So you've resurrected a quarter dozen threads. Thanks.