1.0 Overseer doing wrong job type and various other things

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Unibrow, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Unibrow

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    I think this is a bug, sorry if it isn't. My naturalist overseer who should be out hunting is doing the work an unassigned overseer would. Her crew of three labourers are also out helping her. Here is a screenshot of them flattening terrain instead of hunting. http://imgur.com/a/zYXka

    I also noticed some minor things while I was playing,

    In the kitchen while making Chili stew I noticed that the game calls it both Chilie Stew and Chili Stew on the same tooltip. http://imgur.com/a/aRR6I

    In the ceramics workshop when building a stone altar the ingredients lists that it requires gold to make, but the red text that comes up when you don't have the ingredients says that you are missing iron instead of gold. http://imgur.com/a/i5f6l

    When flattening terrain near a farm plot or a graveyard it will make some of the brown dirt disappear. http://imgur.com/a/w9aTk

    When colonists die and are buried sometimes their nameplate doesn't go away. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or if it was just a way to memorialize overseers? http://imgur.com/a/vPJ9J

    My colonists like leaving stuff floating in the air. http://imgur.com/a/8wMMo

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  2. mikail 001

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    quote :"My colonists like leaving stuff floating in the air." This was a problem in beta 55a carried forward, in 55a it is also l;ike this, i am guessing the flatten terrain function that they are working on will hopefully fix this?
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  3. dbaumgart

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    Oh my god you got the assigned-to-office-but-didn't-get-changeProfession bug!

    I saw it a couple times a month ago, but I have no idea how to make this happen. Did uh, anything weird happen when you assigned the Overseer to the Naturalist's Office?

    (To fix this, just unassign and re-assign the overseer.)

    1. Thanks, fixed in dev for after the hotfix.
    2. Fixed in the hotfix!
    3. Known issue! Is logged as OC-3020.
    4. Known improvement! Logged as OC-2779.
    5. .... Yeah, probably related to flatten terrain? Actually, have you noticed this happening for any particular reason? The only one I could imagine is if somehow the colonist was carrying an object and it got detached from them in some mysterious way. The question is, what happened?
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  4. mikail 001

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    If i remember correctly, in a kitchen, on stone oven, when u demolish the kitchen, the pot on the stone oven will still be seen floating in the air.
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  5. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Oh yes, just put together something that should fix that one. It'll have to go through the testing process, but I think we've got it.
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  6. Unibrow

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    Well there were evil spore things being all explody throughout the colony around the same time I assigned her, I'm not sure if the explosions or whatever could have interrupted her job switching.

    I am fairly certain that no terrain flattening was involved with the floaty clay. I have never actually seen the moment where a villager has left something floating in the air but I have seen the results a few times. It has always been near the stockpile that I find the floating items. Sometimes they even leave them behind partway through setting it down or something because I've seen items floating at odd angles too. Here's some bonus tipsy-floaty chili stew: http://imgur.com/a/EN8MA

    It doesn't seem to affect gameplay at all though as my villagers seem more than happy to make use of the floaty items.
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  7. Jacq

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    I'm not 100% sure of the deatails, but I noticed in one or two of the 55 builds that sometimes objects float weirdly if all of the following are true:
    1. they're on or near the edge of the stockpile
    2. the stockpile is on or near the edge of a change in terrain level and/or against the edge of a building
    3. (possibly?) terrain near the stockpile has a flatten command when the stockpile is placed. (but this applies to pretty much every square of terrain in every one of my colonies lol)

    I was accidentally breaking the game in bigger ways and kinda forgot about it, though. I took a screenshot once though!
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  8. Trygve

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    I still see this problem showing up in my games. In my last game, my naturalist with his team of assistants only did random chores for two days before I noticed I wasn't getting any meat. I played most recently today with the current build of the game.

    Before I assigned him to the naturalist's office, he had been in charge of the kitchen, I think, if that's of any help to you. In my experience with this issue, it seems it most commonly occurs when the overseer is taken directly from a different office or workshop. I've had it happen when I've assigned an overseer to barracks, to laboratories and to naturalist's offices.
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  9. mikail 001

    mikail 001 Member

    The naturalist doing random chores is because there isnt any seen animals to be hunted. They do not scout for you, they will hunt only if any of your colonist can actually see an animal and it doesnt happen immediately too. Bottom line, even if you play rim world, u still need to assign a colonist to go hunt something before it will do it.

    There is a manual control option for your naturalist, click the hunt button the bottom row one and click on a animal that you can see. Pause the game if u cant click it in time, else you will need to go search for the animal again. there is also a scout button, bottom row one, for you to manually scout.
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  10. Trygve

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    That's incorrect. According to Steam, I've played this game for 136 hours, so I know exactly how the naturalist is supposed to behave.

    You don't need to manually select which animals to hunt, that's just an option. If the naturalist is set to hunt, he and his team will actively seek out prey, and often explore the map as they do. In my opinion, this is always a preferable alternative to just scouting, which might the reveal the map more quickly, but doesn't result in any other gains. On the other hand, hunting is the chief source of meat.

    In my example from yesterday, the naturalist didn't even change clothes, which is always the indicator that this specific issue has occurred. Same with NCO's, if the overseer hasn't change into a military uniform, then he's not doing his job. It's often more difficult to spot in the other cases, where the job-specific outfit doesn't differ greatly from what they would otherwise be wearing.
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  11. mistrornge

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    Did you check if you Office had bullets? That may cause him to stop hunting.
    I have noticed the not changing into uniform problem. Happens kind of rarely. Maybe once on a long game.
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  12. Trygve

    Trygve Member

    Yeah, someone fetched bullets, I think.

    The problem only happens when I assign an overseer who was already in charge of a different workshop or office. In the case with the naturalist, he was already assigned to the carpentry shop when I assign him to the naturalist's office. In some games when you start out, the guy who's the best naturalist is sometimes also the best carpenter.
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  13. mikail 001

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    ok, this bug that happened to trygve happened to me too, and i have the pictures from my game, i was shocked when the game showed me i only have 4 military when i have more then that. i will show the pictures now. wrong worker assignment bug serious pic 3.PNG wrong worker assignment bug serious pic 1.PNG wrong worker assignment bug serious pic 2.PNG

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  14. Trygve

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    And it happened again yesterday in a different game, only this time the overseer was assigned to the laboratory from the carpentry workshop. In both instances the overseer was originally assigned to the carpentry workshop, so maybe there's some significance there.

    This time I was watching the overseer change into laboratory clothes, which brought up the alert that the laboratory needed supplies. Then, once the supplies were fetched and placed in the laboratory, the overseer changed back to his standard clothes.

    I'm positive this is what happened with the naturalist in my previous game as well, he put on the naturalist's clothes and went to collect ammo (or someone did anyway). Once the office had been supplied with ammo, he changed back to standard clothes.
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