Windows Vista/7 64-bit Out of Dungeon, unable to move

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Taka, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Taka

    Taka Member

    Got a wierd problem.

    upon exiting the pocket dimension i found myself here:

    i cannot move, i cannot cast spells (cause its treating my like i'm still inside the pocket dimention) but i can hit space to move time forward.

    I am currenty on DL 11 which is my furthest so far and i would suck increadibly if this save is f*cked up beyond recognition.

    My current version is 1.1.1. I have no mods aktiv. And a save right while still in diggle hell before exiting the PD. But the result is the same every time.

    Halp, plx!
  2. Daynab

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    That's incredibly weird. What I would do is open the game in debug mode (in steam launch options put "-debug-flag" with no quotations. If you're not on Steam make a shortcut to the game and put that after the target.

    Once you load your save, press P (capital), it will make you go up one floor, then press p to go downstairs. Hopefully you'll be inside the dungeon.
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  3. Taka

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    that did it.

    thanks alot!