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  1. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    I must be missing something, here. Other than the "break" and "it's broken," is there any purpose to these objects? Or are they merely what happens when you allow Samuel Beckett to have a hand in dungeon creation?
  2. Velorien

    Velorien Member

    IIRC, they're a type of chest.
  3. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    If they are, why don't picks open them? And why, when they're broken by weapons, aren't there ever anything in them?
  4. Insanius

    Insanius Member

    You insert your lockpick into the oozy mess, and are displeased at the fact that the oozy has now absorbed it.

    As for not finding anything, I guess it's just bad luck.
  5. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    You're saying that to use a lockpick on an oozy, one must open the inventory, and then drop a group of lockpicks on it? Because right now, when I click an oozy, the default is for my character to take its weapon and attack the thing.
  6. JunkRamen

    JunkRamen Member

    They're like barrels
  7. Insanius

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    I was trying to make light of the fact that an oozy is like a chest, but it's not actually a chest. A chest would have a lock with a keyhole, an oozy is made of revolting slime.

    Also I forgot about barrels for some reason lol
  8. tcjsavannah

    tcjsavannah Member

    Because if you don't break them, facehuggers will hop out and eat you. Or do other nasty things.
  9. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    So they have no purpose at all. Thanks.
  10. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Well you occasionally find stuff in them, like you do in vases, barrels etc.
  11. Stupid Beard

    Stupid Beard Member

    They do spawn items when you break them, just not very often. Just like barrels but possibly with a lower drop rate.
  12. Borodin

    Borodin Member

    I suspect it's a very low rate, then. I've broken around 15 of them, and never found anything.

    EDIT: 17, as of now.
  13. Velorien

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    Clearly, you have offended the spirit of the RNG, as I get items from them just like from barrels. You haven't been loading your dice or going around saying things like "there's no such thing as luck", have you?
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