Only 2 Game Saves allowed for Game Load Menu

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by shaf, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. shaf

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    When 1.03 was released I already had 2 Characters saved. I created a New Character but had to delete an existing character, exit the game for the new character to appear in the game menu.
    Even after the hotfix this error still occurs, if you have more than 3 saved characters only 2 will appear in the menu.
  2. satoru

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    Odd I have 5 saves. Do you have the characters all named the same? That might be the limitation, though I heard that was fixed.
  3. Bakyra

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    i had like 7 at some point =/
  4. shaf

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    I also noticed the Similar name issue ie. Foobar and Foobartu will both appear ab the shorter character name. To Further test I used unique Character names and still only 2 characters plus the autosave file appear in the gameload menu.

    This didn't appear to be an issue with 1.02 and has only started with 1.03.
  5. yeah, I wanted a rest from my promethean mage so I made a mace wielding tank. Both had the same name and one save replaced the other :/
  6. satoru

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    The only thing I've noticed is taht you can only have 7 slots showing at one time with no way to scroll
  7. satoru

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    Can you paste a screenshot of what you see. Also check if all your save games are listed in My Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dreadmor
  8. afterstar

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    Check in the locations below:
    WinXP : C:\My Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dreadmor
    Win7/Vista: C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor
    If you see that your save files .sav are in the folder then you should open the loadsave.dat file and see if there is a name mention in there of those saves.
    If not,then you need to manually add it back,which is very easy to do.

    Go to the link below and read the part about adding your saves back into the loadsave.dat file,it may help your case.
  9. shaf

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    Yes it was the loadsav.dat file not containing the other character save file.