"One for all, all for one" Three Dungeoneers need skills

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  1. MusingOoze

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    I would like some suggestions for 3 builds for my next playthroughs of Dredmor. My characters will be Porthos a warrior, Athos a rogue and Aramis a wizard.

    Each character will be limited to skills of their respective class (pure builds).

    I run all the expansions and Essences fantastic 'Compleat Essential Skills'.

    They each have some preferences:

    Porthos: Follows the way of the warrior (Bushido) and duels duals with swords.

    Athos: Doesn't mind a bit of skullduggery but loathes archaeology.

    Aramis: Tours like an Egyptian

    Cardinal Richelieu gave a recent direction "Never Engage Skills Widgetery" and has thus expunged the use of crafting across all careers.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Essence

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    Dual Wielding
    Master of Arms
    Berserker Rage


    Silver Tongue


    Egyptian Magic
    Ley Walker
    Wild Magic
    Magic Training

    More details on these suggestions if you want them. Just ask. :)
  3. MusingOoze

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    Thanks for your the builds Essence!

    They all look like great and have quite a few skills I'm yet to try.

    Porthos has started his adventure and is progressing very well. His first level up went to give him some trap sight and he then went with the plan to max out swords and beserker rage while picking up a few useful skills from other trees when needed. He got Qi blast ready for the level 2 monster zoo and the 2nd iteration when the first set of corruption monsters made an appearance.

    He's been my first character to receive a yellow text enchantment from krong, blinding flash on a sword, so has had a very easy time dealing with his many adversaries. Qi blast, Kiaijutsu, Thibault's Trompement, Guerilla attack and Killing Blow have been combining well to provide a lot of control over any given battle.

    At first I was a little disappointed with Dim Mak as the 12 turn wait is ample time to finish anything off and as I'm an armour clad warrior I've little need to hit and run. However, after looking over the Bushido skillset I think I now know how I'm going to make my final stand versus Lord Dredmor after first tossing him a bomb.

    I'll be getting 'Mind like meatloaf' soon and will be trying it out with communisms debuff exchanger.

    I will start up with Athos, who I have no idea how to level, after Porthos has had a successful run.
  4. Essence

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    Sweet, looking forward to hearing more about them! :)
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    Me to please post more on them, i want to know what shinanigains they get into :D