1.0D On Confusing Verbiage and Misaligned Textures

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by leXie, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. leXie

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    My colony got lucky with the first thing the scientists able to study being the floor decorations called carpets and rugs.

    At least, that's what I assume they're called, as those are the options in the Workbench in my carpentry shop.

    However! When setting up such morale boosters with the building-specific Modules menu, the game seems to differentiate between Lower Class Rugs (for places like the public house, labourer dwellings), Middle Class Rugs (for places like the overseer dwellings), and Upper Class Carpets (for the chapel, and presumably other places). Are the rug types interchangeable?

    As for the textures, the alignment of the barbershop's wall textures is off, with the wooden moulding of the floor and ceiling (on, say, the entrance and back walls) appearing as a band of wood in the middle of the wall (on the walls perpendicular to the entrance and back walls).
    The Aberration in action.
    (The red obelisk in the Naturalist's office appears to be the phantom of an empty-air window placement, caused by saving, perhaps?)

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  2. Sathra

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    IIRC, the different carpet and rug types tell you what module you need in the pop-up.
    They're just different looks, and its either in the tutorial or Bureaucrat Guide that the player is told that the different decors under a building's tab are just suggestions and you can build whatever anywhere (not actually true, there are exceptions and limitations).
  3. leXie

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    Now I am more confused. In the workshop, I can only make Rugs or Carpets (for 4 brik-a-brac each). Are both Lower- and Middle-class Rugs made with the same Boxed Rug, Shroedinger's-style?
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  4. Jagwithtude

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    Yes, it is a bit "Shroedinger's style" as the rugs you make with the bric a brac are just generic rugs in the box, they can be used for both labourer's or overseer's houses or in any of the other workshops I myself rarely use rugs as decor now that they have to be researched as the lab is not something I have in my early games, I make the long clothes line instead as decor as they only cost 2 bric a brac's to make and count as +2 in decor pts and can be put up in all houses, workshops and offices.
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  5. leXie

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    Thanks, Jagwithtude! There's still the problem of the buggy textures, but yay for lack of confusion regarding rugs!

    One would think a clothes-line would be out of place in the offices. Can you hang them in the chapel?
  6. Jagwithtude

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    You are welcome, :) The long clothes line just looks like a sheet up on the wall so to me they look ok hanging in the offices and workshops, you can hang them in the chapel, barbershop and public house as well, you can also hang the simple alter in all buildings, which seems to help calm your colonists down and put them in a better mood, if they can prey at one of them.
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  7. Sathra

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    Simple or Ornate Wall Shrine, to be specific. I put them in pretty much every building. That little boost can be very helpful.

    There used to be 2 options for both clothes lines, but that disappeared in 1.0C or D. Not sure why. I do use rugs and carpets alot, but that's because of Glass. A mine on shallow produces sand. 1 sand = 4 glass, 3 glass = 2 Bricabrac. Since the ceramic workshop doesn't do much most of the time, it just produces huge amounts of glass and bricabrac.
    Its more expensive, but the buildings don't look as strange with walls-down mode.
  8. janny

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    What is the resolution of your monitor?It seems you don't have the resolution problem.
  9. leXie

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    One score and ninteen-hundred by four score and a thousand, my friend!
  10. Sathra

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    1920x1080 for those unfamiliar with archaic numerical terms.
  11. Nicholas

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    Misaligned textures is a known issue and on my list to fix.
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