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    Since there is no official place to introduce oneself, I might as well do it here.

    Hello all, I'm OldNile, I've only recently joined the forums. I have a couple of DoD-related drawings, so I thought why not share it with you all. I decided to have a go at adapting some of the creatures to my own drawing style, thus became these two pictures of a Diggle, a Gnome and a Blobby. And a cheese round.



    The reason behind the identical background (I know, it's a cheap thing to do) is that I intend to make a series of pictures of the creatures from the different dungeon levels. Thus you can identify which creature belongs to what level. Also, I try to focus more on the creatures and less on the background.

    Beside making these simplesque drawings, I also create videos of video games and upload them on my YT channel. Currently I have no DoD-related stuff on my channel, but I'm working on a short little review of the game. I'm aiming to do it justice, seeing that it's one of my favourite games I'm reviewing, so I cannot say how long it might take. Nonetheless, I might post that up here too once it's done.

    That is all for now, thanks for checking out this thread!
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    Thanks very much! Yeah, I probably should have looked into it more, I just didn't expect an introduction thread to be in the general DoD section.
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    Our brains here work in mysterious ways. Welcome and cool drawings, I like the expression on the gnome :D