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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Yeah I did just gain an artifact before saving. Killing another monster also caused the same crash, so it's related to killing any monster.

    It is killing monsters, not the xp gain (I disarmed a trap and that didn't cause a crash)
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    Yeah, I hadn't quite stated that as explicitly as I could, but the crash (at least the one I'm getting) always happens as you strike the killing blow on a monster. You can hit the monster as many other times as you want and nothing happens to the game, but the moment your hit would kill it, the game crashes.
  3. Daynab

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    Just so you guys know, the melee-attack-random crash has been fixed locally, so don't worry about finding the cause.
  4. ok, worked around with this a little: some more tidbits- what I believe is happening.

    a) Save then load without closing program seemed fine. It was when I closed the program and reopened that it crashes

    b) It seems to happen if you just pick up an artifact, you don't necessarily have to equip it.

    Melee attack random crash- as in a random melee attack crashes the game?
  5. Copycat Zero

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    It's not just melee attacks, though. I've had it trigger off of a ranged attack, too (with an artifact Small Crossbow).

    But, hopefully, whatever the fix was will fix all versions of the bug.

    The bug we encountered, I'm assuming. Or else the bug runs deeper than the version we found, but the point is that, in theory, it'll be fixed next beta patch.
  6. This isn't that bug, this is a different one. Probably to do with data dumping is my guess.

    I'd definitely rate this as a major bug right now. It impacts every game I play.

    How are people getting to lvl 11 and so on without triggering this bug?
  7. Daynab

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    We have the locally fixed version (Nicholas put up a fixed exe.) I'm not sure if I can put it here, but if you have this random crashing problem drop by the IRC, the link is right there in the topic.
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    Grabbed the fixed .exe, and the game didn't crash while I was playing it (found an artifact, killed a monster; Krong'd said artifact, killed a monster; got a proc skill, killed a monster), but when I then saved, quit completely out of the game, started it back up again, and tried to load the save, the game crashed immediately (the "Windows has encountered an error" crash that leaves no log, again).

    Oh, and I also noticed that monster corpses are ending up under dirt patches, but that's unrelated to the fixed .exe.
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    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that, sorry. But at least you can play/test.
  10. Had the same behavior. Save/reload, the game crashes, but no error message, just a quick CTD.

    Impossible to really play/test under current conditions. This was with the fixed .exe
  11. Hmm, just got an offal and a ground meat from a single enemy, is this supposed to happen?
  12. I can verify that is happening for me as well.
  13. Essence

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    Hmm...this was happening for me several days ago. Are you getting multiple chunks of XP for the kills where you get more than one meatwad? If so, you need to upgrade to the latest beta:
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  14. is that the same version as steam or a newer file?
  15. Essence

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    Dunno. Ask on IRC: #gaslampgames. They'll know.
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  16. hm, seems to be different than mine, I probably should join the IRC, I'll be able to stay more up to date with things
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    Not something unique to the expansion, but, when you click on a bookshelf and it decides not to give you a recipe, you always get the "You find nothing of interest in this bookshelf" message. Would it be possible, instead, to have some sort of randomly generated list of silly book names (there are a few fixed ones you can find mousing over the non-recipe bookselves on Floor 5), so that clicking on the bookshelf and not getting a recipe will instead give you a message to the effect of "You find a book entitled '[randomly generated title]'. Interesting... but not important to your quest, so you put it back."?

    On the subject of "empty" bookshelves, was the system for determining when you get recipes changed? I'm doing a run with no crafting skills at all, and I swear that every bookshelf I've checked has been "empty".

    Is the effect of Third Sight not yet implemented? Because, otherwise, I'm not entirely sure I get what its purpose is...? There's not much point in it revealing traps/invisible monsters within range, because, by the time you take Perception up to that rank, you've probably got enough Trap Sight to see anything within Third Sight's radius anyway (unless the rules for detecting invisible monsters has changed).
    [EDIT] I used it in range of a Commando Diggle and it made the diggle visible. However, given that I already knew where the diggle was from my Trap Sense, it didn't seem to have accomplished much...

    Speaking of not being sure of the purpose of things, I've twice, now, encountered a room with a lever in the upper-left corner that, when pulled, creates a 3x3 gas cloud in the center-ish of the room. However, due to the size of the room, the gas cloud is nowhere near the player, so it really doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot... So, like Second Sight, it's a bit on the underwhelming side (but Eye Lasers is pretty cool).

    Holy crap! With the new spell mine behavior, Tenebrous Rift/Bolt of Squid is just brutal... I took down a (somewhat small, admittedly, and on Elvishly Easy) Zoo with just two bolts -- one alone might have done it if I had gotten a better strike location (or had Tenebrous Rift instead).

    Is the on-hit gas cloud of the Undead Aethernauts just a placeholder? Having two monsters on the same floor (them and Pumpkinns) that do that is a little annoying...
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    Sorry if that question was already asked : "is the 1.0.6 saved game will be loadable/compatible with the 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 release and will I able to continue my current character ?"

    Thanks !
  19. Copycat Zero

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    After the first major patch (in which saved characters broke horribly and there was much ado), they set up a system whereby characters from previous patches should be able to make it to new patches without crashing the game.

    In other words, yes (in theory).

    That being said, with the changes to the skills (i.e., the removal of Deadshot and certain skills gaining more ranks) in the expansion, I have no idea what will actually happen.
  20. dbaumgart

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    Deadshot has been marked 'deprecated' which means to the game that you can still have the skill on current characters but no new characters will be able to select the skill.

    Saves *should* work. If they don't ... oh man, we'll find out real fast. This has been tested but something always explodes when you increase the userbase by a factor of 1000 or so.