Official Expansion Pack Beta Thread/1.0.8 Beta Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Yes it is. Be a vampire and eat it, now the yellow should be gone
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    I'm going to hold off on doing the beta thing just because I'd rather wait till release to enjoy the expansion. I have to say, between this, my new gaming rig which arrives this week to play Skyrim, terraria 1.1 releasing tomorrow, and Diablo 3 coming out in Feb or whenever I'm going to have at least 400 odd hours of game play ahead of me over the course of about 3 months.

    Might as well tell my wife to move in with her mom now =p.
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    Note that in these situations, my experience is that it's not that wife that moves back in with the mom. :rolleyes:
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    You have an odd number of displacement glyphs. Take one, it probably goes to a section you haven't visited.
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    It looks like one of the rooms has two glyphs in it (the middle of the three bottom glyph rooms).
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    Every time I've seen a room like that, it's had three glyphs arranged in an L-shape.
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    Hey - is it too late to become a beta tester? :(
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    That's the full map from that level. In debug mod hit shift-L.
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    Two of them are either really close together or one may lead nowhere (which has happened to me three times and is quite dissapointing).
  11. How do you get the beta client?
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    First you get a beta key by asking the devs, usually via E-Mail (contact@gaslampgames).

    Then you look in the lower left-hand corner of your steam window, where it says "activate a game on steam."

    You give it a beta key and from then on you are an official beta tester.
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    Just have to say I am SUPER psyched about DoD expansion. I'm playing Skyrim and Zelda: Skyward Sword and in the back of my head I'm still thinking "can't wait for the Dredmor expansion".

    You guys have put together a really great, fun game :).
  14. I'm pretty sure the expansion won't deceive you, it's shaping up really good ;). On a side note, just saw the tweet, can't wait to see what tomorrow's build has.

    EDIT: 4 muscle diggles ganged up on me on floor 11 and I died horibly :(
  15. Swashbuckling I think really needs to be nerfed. It's too strong for a lvl 2 skill.

    Suggestions (not saying do all of these, but ideas)

    Lower duration (this has to be done- 5 turns is way too much) My suggestion would be to scale based on counter-hit chance, 1 turn+ 1 per 10pts of counter-hit.
    Increase timer
    Lower counter-hit damage or nerf player offense (would prefer to lower damage, build is probably more OP for warriors, though I'd have to see what the higher lvl stuff does)
  16. Essence

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    OK, huge problem here. With this newest build, any time I take the last rank of any modded-in skill, the game crashes. Like windows-error-message 'Don't Send' crashes. Any skill.

    I've had a hell of a time for the past half-day because I thought three new capstone abilities I had written were all magically superborken -- turns out it's nothing to do with the code, it's just that trying to click "LEARN" on any modded-in skill's last level crashes the game.

    Halp! :D
  17. Null

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    Thats happening to me as well. Something that worked fine a bit before just breaks. But now my second to last skill is doing that. You could make a dummy skill after it.
  18. Are there any important changes besides adding BGH? I'm playing with it right now to see if it works, so far I got a crash when killing a diggle, may be related to lvl 1 passive. I had killed around 20 by that point, passive worked with 2 of them. Also lvl 3 has weird behaviour, sometimes it lets me more than 3, sometimes it only spawns 1 (and I checked tiles were empty)

    Another crash bug. This one was on reload, went one room down, hit both levels, grabbed the potion, drank it, killed the sickly diggle which caused a crash. Tried again, went straight to kill the sickly diggle, crash.
  20. Copycat Zero

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    Can't load your save with just that file.

    Between the time you last successfully killed a monster on that character and when you crashed killing the diggle, did you equip any artifacts that you found on the ground/shop or Krong anything? I've been getting a persistant crash bug when killing things, and I seem to have narrowed it down to having an artifact equipped.

    It's making the beta unplayable, to be honest... :(