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    Also, given wand give fix counts now, and recharged removed, what does wand lore even do?
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    Nothing at the moment. It should eventually give you wandcrafting but currently wandcrafting doesn't exist as anything other than a stat.

    Also as I try to get this work would someone like to explain to me why this causes me to attack in all adjacent directions (and this problem is definitely the cause of the masses of crashes I'd gotten before. It didn't happen until I stripped down everything that this happened).

    <spell name="Eye of the Storm" downtime="8" type="self" icon="skills/spells/eye_of_the_storm32.png" >
    <requirements mp="30" magPowerBonus="0.10" mincost="15"/>
    <description text="summons a powerful whirlwind" monsterText="summons a powerful whirlwind"/>
    <buff useTimer="1" time="8" self="1" allowstacking="0" icon="skills/spells/eye_of_the_storm64.png" smallicon="skills/spells/eye_of_the_storm32.png">
    <halo name="sprites/sfx/energyring/energyring" first="2" num="3" framerate="50" centerEffect="1"/>
    <effect type="trigger" amount="0" spell="Eye of the Storm Effect"/>
    <spell name="Eye of the Storm Effect" type="template" templateID="13">
    <description text="strikes with a raging storm" monsterText="strikes you with a raging storm"/>
    <!-- <effect type="damage" asphyxiative="2" asphyxiativeF="0.15" blasting="3" blastingF="0.35" hyperboreanF="0.10" /> -->
    <!-- <effect type="trigger" percent="10" spell="Eye of the Storm Lightning"/> -->
    Trying to cast that causes me to attack my left side, followed by attacking down , followed by up, then right. And that happens all in one turn, before applying the buff.

    Unrelated: It seems that stairs like to generate in invalid rooms now, like behind the grate in the two lever artifact and diggle room, or the pit's artifact room. I've seen stairs going down from both and just came down stairs into the area behind the grate in that same lever room on the diggle side.
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    Yeah, the artifact room in that two-lever room I mentioned finding had stairs behind it, as well (which makes missing the artifact room trivial if you're willing to check every "up" stairs on the next floor).
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    This game seem to have gotten a lot harder, every skill I used got a hard nerf.

    I guess I wait and see if anyone else has any success with 1.08.
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    I was doing well with my werediggle build til my save got corrupted.
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    @123stw: Try Fleshsmithing. It should be way better now that healing is fixed. Knit Tissue gives you an 11 hp heal + 7 hp for every 4 magic power you have. Costs 11 MP minus 1 MP for every 5 Savvy you have. I'll be using it in my next run.

    The game definitely feels tougher now, especially on Going Rogue. Something's not quite right with the stats:


    My 8 Warrior, 3 Wizard and 2 Rogue levels should give me 8*2 + 3 + 2 = 21 Burliness, but I've maxed out Smithing so I seem to be missing another 5 Burliness? I hope primary stats in skills aren't broken again.


    Also I figured out why casters are such a pain now. There's a new attribute in the monster XML, "chicken", which seems to make monsters run away instead of trying to close distance. Massive pain for melee players - you can't get the 'first strike' by waiting for a monster to come to you anymore. Instead you have to chase, suffer a few spells that your fancy armour does nothing against and let them get a free melee hit. All before you even have a chance to fight back!

    If you're going to keep this change give heavy armour some magic resistance or make it easier to get resistances.

    Other bugs:
    - Invisibility is broken, monsters still attack you
    - You can resist your own healing spells

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    This is my bad. the Aethernaut sprites are different than normal because a different artist made them, and I didn't notice they had such weird spacing when I exported the files. Should be easy enough to fix.
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    That sounds awesome, been waiting for that !
    I agree for the trouble to get strong resistances on armors. One of the problem is that chest of evils can only give you strong weapons. Getting a powerful armor artefact is a lot more difficult and Krong isnt reliable...
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    I agree.

    Isn't new.

    I like the change halfway through Demonology... very 'authentic Faustian'. There's Slicks, but yeah, it does nothing at all against normal creatures. Not too bothered with that though, mostly because of:

    Celestial Circle: must have been changed: it's a very powerful spell now. I'll get back to that but just wanted to comment that while the name is more like astrology, in 'traditional' demonology invokers use magic circles to protect themselves from the demons they summon (or to lock the demons in when they're summoned). So a protective or damaging circle IS very related to demonology.

    Sounds like a unique magic skilltree. Looking forward to it.
    Seen a few. As demonologist with celestial circle it was a nobrainer to attempt to disarm.
    Basically... I think the timer should be way higher. Because when you're debating whether or not to disarm you probably don't have a mob in sight. It's just too easy to wait a few extra turns.
    Not so if you make it 90 for example. Which would make it really bad when accidentally triggered by a mage while running away. But yeah...
    OR you could have it reduce magic power to zero for the next 2 or 3 spells. Like an on-hit buff but now it's an on-cast debuff.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Fair enough. I have a different animation style to the old work, and I imagine that's a part of it.

    Fun fact, though; did you know that the original sprites were made by multiple artists too? See if you can spot the style change.

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    I think after the Deth :p
    That's no problem though. I guess there's something... I dunno, weird, about the gnomes specifically. Maybe just the colours?

    Well anyway, read through the thread and now here my post:
    First Playthrough:
    Dana, female hero.
    Playing GR, No Grind, Extra lvls.

    * FIRST "You have discovered..." and THEN "Welcome to Dungeons of Dredmor", shouldn't it be reversed?

    * Gnome: Has no description... kinda. Sure it's known, mentioning it for completeness.

    * Chests seem to not give you the item that was in them in your hand, instead it now lies on top of the open chest. Might be intentional. I think both ways are fine.

    * Guessing the gnomes and slicks not doing damage is intentionally and/or known (gnomes also don't decrease mana)?

    * When you stand to the right of a gargoyle bolt trap while behind cover and disarm and fail you get damaged. In the exact same situation (there's a room with two gargoyles, two paths down, two traps and 3 bookshelves in the middle past the traps) when you stand on the left behind cover the bolt is blocked. I think the bolt should also be blocked if you're on the right, since it now visually goes through a wall.

    * The 'wish' thingy: blue blobs appeared. Couldn't find out what they are supposed to do. Not mana regen, I checked that.

    *Turn Demon's blast can knock levers around, probably other stuff too.
    I don't know if this is intentional but since mere diggles can stand the thing without any ill effects I assume it shouldn't happen. EDIT: and now it knocks a diggle back and does 1 damage. So that's what I would think should happen if it has knockback, so then it's probably intended.

    *Celestial circle is insanely powerful. It stays, it doesn't cost mana, it does nice damage both when they move in and when they move out, and it's spammable. It deals it's damage twice if cast on the monster itself... and also when you open a food vending machine and don't decide to buy anything... thus killing me. (read earlier about more 0-1 cooldown abilities being not finalized yet, but can't hurt to mention here)

    *I alt-tabbed, looked at my tombstone, chose new game, chose new skills, started: mouse pointer was invisible, but when I clicked on the sKills button it reappeared.
    And then I alt-tabbed to write that and got back and the mouse pointer is gone even when I click stuff. And with the next alt-tab it's back there. Want my pc specs for that?

    *Confirming that werediggle idle animation is my female char and not in fact the diggle.
    And eating a pastry is also in female form.
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    Wish room casts that psionics healing spell. Each gives 5 health.

    Celestial Circle is completely unfinished, hence why it has a cooldown of 1 and no cost. In fact it may almost definitely not be a damaging ability upon release and that's probably completely temporary.

    In fact most skills are unfinished, hence why they have a cooldown of 1 and no cost. Demonology especially is really unfinished.

    Turn demon should not be doing anything but 1 righteous damage to non-demons. It's a bug if it does.

    Also the diggle doesn't have those animations so it used the characters' currently.
  13. I'm currently playing as a wizard using the 3 improved magic trees (ley, blood and training), and I have to say they are way more appealing now, especially ley lines. Some (like blood's fourth) are not working, but so far I like the new skills, Training's silence for example is helpful against witchy's and other nasty casters, but the one I'm liking the most so far is ley's last skill, for a tree that has no other stats than mana and regen, it's a pretty well deserved last spell for casters that like to keep their distance.
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    Just to say, though drainMana is broken at the moment, that should drain 75% of your mana per cast, which is a lot, really making it bad.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Soon. Soooon. mwahaha. [​IMG]
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  16. Lmao he looks like an evil diggle scientist drinking his latest crazy brew, can't wait to see his idle animation! :D
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    Having this now as well, in a room with a lot of bookshelves. Screenshot available on request. It makes it seem as if there's an unexplored bit on the map as well.
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    This means that those of us who want to code our own unique polymorphs are going to have to become graphic artists, doesn't it?

    Edit: Also, how you gonna make the Batty drink something? (Top lvl Vampire). :p
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    * Throwing:

    *Australian: doesn't give me back 50% of the thrown stuff. I threw 8 boomerangs just now, found 2 lying on a dead diggle, but zero returned. The chances of that happening while it is in fact working are 1/256, but I'll try some more and edit this if it somehow does happen sometimes.

    * Double Throw: not working.

    * evil potato is demonic, or so it says, but it's a vegetable and not affected by turn demon... I'm not saying it should be... but mentioning it as a very small inconsistency?

    *Thaumaturgic Conflux just wound up on my char, heard it was a bug that happens when you dodge sometimes.