Now all we have to wait for is steam.

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  1. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    According to Twitter:

    The DLC is looking for a release window but it won't be today.
  2. Skafsgaard

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    Unfortunately, this was posted on their twitter account fifteeen minutes ago:

    Too bad.

    EDIT: Oi, I see you got the word out faster than me, IanExMachina.
  3. satoru

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    It appears the DLC won't be today. I can only assume the evil Krampus stole the DLC and his hiding it somewhere in the foothills of Austria. Christmas is ruined!

    On a side note I kinda wish we had some feeling for the pricing.
  4. Skafsgaard

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    Any of you guys know, or have any clue, what the DLC will cost?
  5. tcjsavannah

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    100,000 zorkmids.

    "You haven't got the money, punk!"
  6. Luke00016

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    What's the difference between the DLC and the patch that's out now?
  7. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    DLC has new skills monsters items levels etc.
    Check out Gaslamp's homepage for more detail.
  8. satoru

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  9. Rex303

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    will there be a way to buy the DLC once and activate it both on Steam and Desura (I bought the game on steam and then bought it again on Desura to support the linux client)?
  10. GrossorMD

    GrossorMD Member

    will there be some way other than steam/desura for us bundlers? I'm reluctant to install either of those
  11. Damien

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  12. tcjsavannah

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    I think that's a list of packaged files that are in a queue to go "live" on Steam at some point. Cool info for curious-minded folks like me.
  13. Nachtfischer

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    Hmm, Steam updated again and still no DLC. Too bad! :|
  14. Author X

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    It may be on hold for a winter steam event... like the "Summer Camp" promotion, where extra achievements were added to a lot of games (which has been going on already with Christmas/Holidays-y achievements in the past week or so) and you could earn free DLC by completing them.

    Or it may just be on hold until Valve decides it's a good day for new DLC releases.
  15. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The issue was that we couldn't figure out how to package the DLC for OS X, and Valve didn't have time to give us a hand because they're running around like mad fussing with [REDACTED]. So we figured this out today, and have now sent new DLC and stuff to Valve.

    I am *guessing* it will be out tomorrow.
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  16. Ashyr

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    Awesome, thanks for communicating the issue. It's always good to know what's going on and what the expected wait will be.
  17. tcjsavannah

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    Man, I hate [REDACTED].
  18. Kutagh

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    I'm so gonna boycot [REDACTED] for delaying the DLC!!! :mad:
  19. MaximumSquid

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    Guess beta was farther along than I though. . .

    Was not expecting it for another month or so
  20. satoru

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    Hm? I guess [REDACTED] is some new game. Wait why does it say [REDACTED] I mean [REDACTED] no god damn you stupid filter I said [REDACTED] What the hell is this the FBI? :p