Novorus and some thinking about it.

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  1. Good afternoon, Clockwork Empires' developers' team. Im sorry for my bad english, but i think i must whrite to you about it. I see human characters - Novorus at Clockwork and there are many russian names and surnames here. Its great and we did it with big sence of humor, but surnames in Russian language has some differents if character male or female.I ll try to explain it : If someone (male gender) has surname Kotelnikov ,for example - his wife (female gender) will be have surname Kotelnokova . Letter A plus at the end of surname. We have surnames with letter O at the end, like my own - Kornienko. Surnames with O at the end has both genders - Im Kornienko and my hubs Kornienko too.
    I take some English surnames,which you use at Clockwork and modificate it at russians for your good understanding:
    Mud - (Gryaz at rus transkription) Gryasnov - Gryasnova - Gryasnenko.
    Whistle - (Svistok) Svistkov - Svistkova - has no O form.
    Goldenhewer (Zoloto+Rit") if i modofocate it - Zolotoroykin - Zolotoroykona - has no O form.
    Currie (If its about flavoring) (Karri or Priprava) Pripravkin - Pripravkina - has no O form

    Maybe you already know about it and cant change it, cause it genereted randomly for both genders. If it possible to change - maybe you ll want to do it once))
    If you need some help with Novorus surnames anytime, i with pleasure help you. I know many Russians surname, im russian as you can guess)) And it was just a little comment. You make great, beautiful, very interesting and (i hope) my favourite game!)) Thank you for it.
    Great wishes by Kristina Kornienko. ( my first surname before marriage was Kashina, Kasha - its porrige in English. I think my grand grandparent was Porrigemaker or someone about it. )
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    Hi! It's really cool to get this feedback.
    Russian names are indeed confusing to us so it's great to have someone explain it. It is indeed possible to make this work correctly in the name generator though it'll take some research or checking on our part to sort out if we really do get the proper endings on all the names. Heck, I could probably just post the name list here and have some of our Russian players give it a look-over.

    I'm totally putting all of those names you've suggested into the game (and if I may, your "Porridge" name as well because that's perfect for Clockwork Empires as we have a lot of people named after food).

    Thanks for the help with getting this right!
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  3. Yep, i think its very good idea.
    Sure, you may do it, cause my "Porrige" name is very good for cooking profession))
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