No Time To Grind -- ?

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  1. eskr

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    I can't imagine playing on anything other than NTTG. Honestly, I'd love to halve the length of NTTG. There's still a lot of grinding.
  2. OmegaJasam

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    If I recall right, on average you get /less/ exp per floor (or at least used too) due to fighting less then half the number of mobs e.t.c. (larger floors keep you on them longer) It's pritty easy to make up with by a bit or ironic grinding though.

    The worst bit is the lack of equipment. NTtG will always be harder, if only because there are less potions, crafting ingreediants, and weapons/armour in general, so when you get deeper down you'll have less varyed resitances, healing e.t.c.

    I tend to play on it though. The regular game takes /way/ too long to play with my time available, and losing characters at levels 1-4 or so /really sucks/. At least this way it is quick.
  3. Gaidren

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    I prefer NTtG as well, but I also largely avoid crafting builds.

    I did do one heavy crafting run with Clockwork Knight/Tinkering/Smithing though, and CK/Perception resulted in finding *just* enough crafting mats to make the really key items/armor.
  4. klaymen_sk

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    And you can easily re-use the codes of wizardlans you've already visited...that means it is exploitable! NERF IT TO THE GROUND!!11!1!!!
  5. DavidB1111

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    Actually, you can't re-use the codes. You can only visit a Wizardlands once.
    The only way to bypass that is to delete the file in the directory regarding them.
    Which would be silly, and usually far beyond the lengths most EXP grinders would do. :)
  6. klaymen_sk

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    This is the re-use method I'm talking about. Also you can complete a larger number of wizardlands (the codes are easy to find, right?) and then delete the file. I was not talking about re-deleting the file after two or three of them. :)

    Also it is not stupider than complaining about how people grind lockpicks to fisk them (I'm talking in general here). :p
  7. DavidB1111

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    Good point. I thought you were mentioning something else.
  8. Arron Syaoran

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    I usually don't play NTTG cause everytime it feels like something's missing. Maybe it's a feeling of clearing a floor too quickly, but I have plenty of time to play without NTTG. I'd love to be able to avoid crafting also, but I'm kinda addicted to it. If only there were some way to get lots of bolts without tinkering or good weapons/armour/thrown without smithing. When using Archery/Thrown/Master of Arms/Weapon Skills/Dual Wield, it's hard not to pick up a crafting skill.
  9. DavidB1111

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    You and I have a lot in common, Arron.
    I kind of feel as though playing on the full size is basically like playing the full game, while NTTG is like the condensed version of the game.
    If that makes sense.
    There's nothing wrong with the idea, and it's good, but it's not what I would consider the full game.
  10. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    There's one thing we don't have in common: I play on GRPD(Going Rogue Permadeath), and I used to play DMPD(Dwarvish Moderation Permadeath). I only ever use Evilishly Easy if I'm testing a homemade Mod, or if I feel like cheating(using debug or homemade cheat mod). When I cheat, I never go past floor 3. And I only ever cheat if I'm modding and feel like using cheats to test things. If I'm on a Serious run(go for achievements, Dredmor/Digula kills), I never cheat or use Elvishly Easy.

    Edit: before I joined this forum, I read on this forum that you used to play Evilishly Easy without Permadeath. Is that still the case?
  11. Haldurson

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    I play a lot on NTTG even with crafting builds. What I find is that it's the best way to go if you have a build that is 'slow' to start'. What I mean is, you don't start with any skills to significantly help you kill and/or survive. It seems like a contradiction, but pure crafting builds fall into this category. Yes, I may find fewer mats per level, but with this kind of build, I can compensate with perception, as an example.
  12. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    Althea's old avatar.
  13. DavidB1111

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    It's a good thing you put that edit there, otherwise I would have said, "Are you a wizard?" or something. :p
    I play this game to have fun and relax. This isn't a Touhou Bullet Hell shooter after all. :)
    Is this Dark Souls? :) I played that a little.

    I think it's a matter of how you play this game. It's a nice break from the standard roguelike in terms of difficulty, and I play it to have fun.
    If I really wanted a challenge in a game, I'd go play Doom and try to punch the Cyberdemon to death without the berserk pack or God Mode. :p World Record is 23 minutes or so. No, really, look it up. It's a real thing.

    I know you're not saying that I am lamesauce for playing on Elvish Easy, but still...

    Really, it all comes down to having fun. That's more important than playing on the hardest difficulty and bragging rights for doing the near impossible.
    Feel free to do the Eternium Man Challenge in ADOM though. :p No one has ever done it. If you do it, you can official retire from every Roguelike ever, because nothing is as challenging as that. Ever.
    Beating Dredmor at Level 1 is a thousand times easier.

    Does Althea know you took her Avatar? :p I kid, she wouldn't care.
  14. Jacq

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    I pretty much play NTtG exclusively. (also GRPD, Random builds every time). It's not some kind of "look how hardcore I am" thing, so much as I really enjoy feeling that I'm progressing and when I'm looking at the skill screen I just get overwhelmed with choices lol. I can usually do 2-3 levels in a sitting on NTtG, whereas with the full game I can spend a whole session on a single floor. It's so much more frustrating to die on level 2-3 in the full game.

    As it is, I find inventory management one of the Least Fun aspects of the game (not quite No Fun, but close). Finding that last wand for a craft is fun, but drowning in materials isn't.
  15. DavidB1111

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    I agree with you on Inventory Management. So much. :)

    And my point about how "Hardcore" someone is, doesn't have anything to do with playing on NTTG. :)
    I was basing my point about how some people treat this game, and others, like it's blasphemy to play on Elvish Easy.
    Not Arron, but I have heard how some people think that.

    I was simply trying to point out the game has 3 difficulties, and if one wishes to have fun by playing on Elvish Easy, it's not a bad thing.
    Which by the way is not a cakewalk, 90% of the time anyway, the other 10% I wtfpwn everything with a bolt eruptor down to floor 9. :p

    I wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes or anything. I know some people think of me as "Possible Hostile Contact!" What game did that come from..anyway
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  16. Arron Syaoran

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    I'm guessing you still do play EE w/o PD. Just czeching. I somehow find it cheap to do achievement runs on NTTG(cause you get the achievements faster), but then again, I like moderate challenge. GRPD actually used to be extremely hard for me(Somewhat forced to use absolutely everything at my arsenal, and forced to use builds that have good synergy), back then, I played DM all the time.
  17. DavidB1111

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    Yeah. I still play on it. The odds of me playing on higher difficulties is not very high. :)
    And I hope you did understand me through my rambling insanity. :)
  18. Arron Syaoran

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    We do have another thing in common: I also have Aspberger's Syndrome, I also am not Cthulhu, and I'm not insane. What does a bear have to do with madness? Is the bear going insane? I'm more of a worshipper of Din, Nayru, and Farore.
  19. DavidB1111

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    Ah. Cool that you have Asperger's Syndrome like me. It's more common than I thought.
    And my sig is not messed up. I was mistaken.
  20. Arron Syaoran

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    so instead of a "Bear" that is a part of the madness, perhaps being "Bare"(which means naked) with the madness is better? I think you are trying to say "Cope with the madness", which would sound much clearer.