No Beetles At All

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  1. littlelamb

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    Hi all,
    I have no beetles showing in my game and I am in need of lacquer. Does any one know how to attract them

    When I say no beetles not even the small or tiny ones.
  2. Jonta

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    I am quite sure you will just have to wait, no way you can attract them. Depending on the Bio you play, might be worth it to check the surroundings for lacquer plants to forage.
  3. Sathra

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    Why is this in this subforum?

    Anyways, build a trade post. Lacquer is cheap. If you get Mine Safety Beetles tech, you can start getting events on your mines that spawns a swarm of the small ones.
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    You can also research lacquer production in the lab so that your chemist in the chemical workshop can make it.

    ETA This thread is in the wrong forum, it should be in the General section of the Clockwork Empire forum and not here, as this is the Dungeons of Dredmor forum.
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  5. Regina Absher

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    In the cold bio-domes (Where I had a hard time getting lacquer) I build a trade post right away and build some things in the carpentry shop to trade. Then I buy all the lacquer that the treaders bring in. I think the "dominant foreign power" you pick when you play has something to do with the traders that come by. Stahlmark (?sp) usually has ore type things to trade, the others as far as I can tell are more likely to have lacquer.

    I know the need to get a church to help stop the Chthulu type incidents, so I would suggest a foreign office and a trade office, and through the foreign office align with one of the countries other than Stahlmark (?sp) and request traders. I have done that in past games and it worked pretty well.

    If you need to generate diplomacy points quickly, don't forget to add laborers to your foreign office, add a desk for each individual assigned and make plenty of paper.
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    Thanks for the help and Yes it is in the wrong place my apologies for that