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    Nightshade Tactics 1.1
    "Your many years as a drifter, a scoundrel, and a thief have given you a unique set of
    skills. Some say your fighting style is even dirtier than your dancing."
    Nightshade Tactics is a skill set created with a specific goal in mind: granting rogues greater control over the battlefield. It accomplishes this by granting the rogue abilities that complement their innate natural talents: dodging, countering attacks, and stealth. All spells and skills within this skill set scale off of your stealth level. It also has many ways for a rogue to simply disappear when the going gets tough. Some of the spells grant the rogue a considerable amount of area effect damage, and the buffs and debuffs can make quick work of your beefier opponents.​
    (I am starting a new thread on Nightshade Tactics because the previous thread and its contents no longer reflect what Nightshade Tactics is. It has changed considerably.)
    Known Issues:
    - Deadly Nightshade Extract is bugged for a fresh character. You will need to re-add it to your hot bar. This may be an issue with the game itself and not the mod.​
    - Sometimes, Vile Amulet will not add itself to your hot bar. You may need to do so manually.​
    The Nightshade Tactics mod adds 9 new items.
    Nightstalker's Leather (chest armor)
    "It makes hiding easy and fun for the whole family!"
    2:armor_asorb: 2:sneakiness: 6:dodge: 2:nimbleness: 1:resist_nercomatic:

    Clockwork Eye Patch (head armor)
    "Now you can lurk in the shadows in style! Zoom function standard. Complimentary gray hood."
    4:sneakiness: 1:trap_level: 1:sight: 3:crit: 1:nimbleness:
    Craftable (recipe learned when taking Preparations): Emerald, Leather Belt, Copper Wire, and Brass Mechanisms

    Envenomed Dagger (dagger)
    "The blade isn't the sharpest, but life isn't always sunshine and stabbings, now is it?"
    1:dmg_piercing: 2:dmg_toxic:
    15% chance on hit to cast Poisoned Wound

    Flash Bomb (thrown)
    "The perfect escape from guards with unreasonably short attention spans."
    3:dmg_crushing: 1:dmg_blast:
    Stuns and confuses enemies in a small area, and hides the player.
    Craftable: Powdered Aluminum, Rust, Magnesium Ingot, Copper Ingot (makes 2)

    Edge of Night (sword)
    "The hilt of this sword appears to have been damaged from use as a digging tool. Crudely inscribed into the blade are the words 'MUST KILL GUIDE.'"
    6:dmg_slashing: 6:dmg_necromatic: 4:sneakiness: 4:crit:

    Of Shadows and Demons (tome)
    "Wherever this book was spawned, it sure knows an awful lot about drinking the blood of your enemies."
    4:sneakiness: 2:crit: 2:dmg_necromatic:
    15% chance on hit to cast Siphoning Attack

    Diary of a Vatican Assassin Warlock (tome)
    "Apparently, members of this secret society of assassins have a crippling addiction to powdered aluminum."
    6:sneakiness: 4:counter: 4:crit: 2:dmg_necromatic: 2:dmg_toxic: 2:resist_nercomatic:
    10% chance on hit to cast Fear the Shadows!
    7% chance on dodge to cast Shadow Vanish

    Vile Concoction (potion)
    6:dmg_necromatic: 6:dmg_toxic: 4:resist_nercomatic: 4:resist_toxic: 2:armor_asorb: 12:magic_resist: for 40 turns. Hides player on use.
    75% chance on hit to cast Poison Nova, Shadow Nova, or Siphoning Attack.
    Craftable: Verdant Poison, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Dire Empowerment, and Black Pearl.

    Edible Map (food)
    "Vandolin the Lost created these magical maps that double as a delicious snack to prevent those nasty hunger pangs on his (generally unpleasant) excursions. As luck would have it, the King sent him on a particularly dangerous scouting mission to the Elemental Plane of Gluttony. He was never heard from again."
    Heals for 16 (food buff).
    Reveals the entire map for the current floor.

    Tier Zero - Deadly Nightshade Extract (42 turn cooldown)​
    "While your time spent as an alchemist's apprentice has taught you some basics, you took the art in a slightly different direction. Mmmmm, yes indeeeeeed."
    -Passive: 1:dmg_toxic: 1:alchemy:
    - On use: lob your nightshade extract at your target, exploding in a 3x3 area, dealing some minor :dmg_toxic:. Monsters in the radius will be confused for a time.​
    - Debuffs the targets with Nightshade Poison, lowering their resistances and armor.​
    Tier One - Unholy Outsourcing Strike (28 turn cooldown)​
    "This secret technique was stolen from none other than the Necronomiconomicon, nearly at the cost of your eyebrows by the hands of an Undead Gouda Lich. This attack shifts activities performed within one's own soul to an outside entity to promote cost efficiency. Quite evil."
    - Passive: 1:resist_nercomatic:
    -On use: deals heavy :dmg_necromatic: and hides the player. If you are under the effects of a buff or debuff from the Nightshade Tactics skill set, Unholy Outsourcing Strike will unleash the magic of that particular spell on those around you.​
    Tier Two - Midnight Shroud (1 mana per 6 turns buff)​
    "You cloak yourself in darkness so dark, not even a Diggle Night-light could dispel it."
    -While active: 4:sneakiness: 4:dodge: 4:magic_resist: 2:dmg_necromatic: 2:resist_nercomatic: -2:resist_righteous:
    -33% chance on dodge to hide the player.​
    -15% chance on hit to deal minor :dmg_necromatic: damage over time to the target and send them running in fear.​
    Tier Three - Vile Amulet (18 turn cooldown)​
    "You stole this amulet years ago from some skeleton in a robe. The thing has been whispering recipes for preparing grilled human ever since you got here. It fires off some potent magic, but it doesn't exactly care who it uses it on. (This spell requires a target, but it may cast on YOU instead. Beware.)"
    -Passive: 1:dmg_necromatic:
    -On use: casts one of twenty random spells, choosing from a list of various buffs and debuffs. Sometimes it buffs you, sometimes it debuffs you, sometimes it debuffs your enemies, and sometimes it just tries to hurt everyone.​
    -All buffs/debuffs cast by the amulet can be consumed by Unholy Outsourcing Strike.​
    Tier Four - Scoundrel Tricks (triggered skills)​
    "Hiding in the shadows, blinding your victims, poisoning their wounds... just another day at the office."
    -Passive: 1:sneakiness: 1:crit: 1:counter: 1:dmg_toxic:
    -30% chance on counter attacking to throw blinding dust at nearby enemies.​
    -100% chance to poison your target on a critical strike. The poison lowers their dodge chance and armor greatly, and can stack 3 times.​
    -7% chance on dodge to hide the player.​
    Tier Five - Preparations (triggered skill)​
    "Your shady business practices have taught you a thing or two about tinkering. You've learned to occasionally prepare your bolts to deliver your deadly nightshade extract."
    -Passive: 1:tinkerer: 1:dmg_toxic:
    -On selecting this skill, you are granted the item Clockwork Eye Patch, as well as the recipe for creating it.​
    -15% chance on hitting a target with a bolt to also deliver your Deadly Nightshade Extract.​
    Tier Six - Shadow Gate (teleport, aoe damage)​
    "Your magical Tome of Town Portal has been acting funny. Maybe you should be careful with it..."
    -Passive: -1:resist_righteous:
    -On use: Generates gates at the player's current location and his target location, then teleports the player there. Also generates damaging tentacles around the gates.​
    -Casting this spell debuffs the player greatly, diminishing his defenses. The only way to remove this debuff is to be struck in combat. It can stack 4 times, so be careful.​

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    Trying to put this on the Steam Workshop, but it's just crashing. Due to this mod containing the 'magicmapping' effect, it won't pass validation, so I skip it. When I hit 'Nay,' it just crashes. Is there an issue with the Dredmor workshop right now?

    EDIT: I successfully updated the Druid mod on the Steam workshop. So it still works. Clearly, the workshop just doesn't like something about this mod. I just don't have a clue what it is.
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    Using this in a rogue run I'm making: the first skill seems pretty powerful on the first floor. Maybe after that it will scale better, but as far as I saw, if the enemy hasn't some sort of chocking resistance, it's doomed to die in the cloud.
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    The damage scales somewhat reasonably, but won't be a death sentence like it is on floor 1. The debuffs and confuse become the main purpose, along with softening targets.
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    A lot of negative and positive buffs for secondarybuffs 24, 25, 26 and 29... I think those are errors.
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    ok found fixes for the errors:rename the file name to lower case, some effects and stuff have same name as some mod stuff, and order of buffs should be reserved to primary then secondary.