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    Hi all,

    new player here, looking to learn a little beyond "hitting things at melee while dual weilding tends to work thanks to big damage when dual-wielding". (also, hi Haldurson :p) At 20-30 hours in, I still feel very much like a newbie, having only once gotten as far as floor 10 or 11.

    Here's my question: I'm currently trying a random build, and the one I have includes Artful dodging, Viking Wizardry, Astrology, Burglary, Magic training, ley lines, Werediggle curse. I get that I'd be supposed to be some sort of a sneaky caster this time around, but what should be my general strategy? Skill points order? Things to avoid/look for? How do I answer these questions for myself regardless of build?

    Thanks a bunch, and I'll go read the strategy guide in the other thread. Oh, and @mods, if I should have posted this elsewhere, please let me know if you have to move that, so I know where to look for the answers.
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    This is certainly a hybrid build (an odd one, but not a hopeless one). The way I would probably play this is with an emphasis on the melee, with the primary purpose of the magic to support the melee. Both Viking Wizardry and Astrology are great at supporting melee builds. Clearly Artful Dodger and Werediggle Curse also favor melee. You'll still want to put a point or two (maybe more?) into Ley Walker, at least eventually, but it's not a high priority. Certainly you'll want it in time for Szygy, which is one of your keystone skills for this build. And of course, be careful of Radiant Aura around Brax (I've died a number of times because some monster wandered close to Brax and triggered Radiant Aura's proc).

    As far as what order to invest points in? I tend to play these things by ear, myself. When things are going well, I tend to think more long-term (ie. Burglary). If I feel I'm weak, I want to concentrate on offense of defense, depending on my most immediate needs. I don't have a single priority, but long term, I'll say this: your best investments are probably in Astrology, Artful Dodger, Burglary, and Viking Wizardry, with points into Ley Walker as needed. Werediggle Curse will prevent you from using active skills, but passive skills (from buffs) will still function in Werediggle form. So be careful with it. I'm not a huge fan of the Werediggle skill, overall. Unless you really like it, I'd place that as low-priority as far as investing points is concerned.