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    Wait, I thought you said it did 200 health of damage in one hit? That's a 1 hit kill to any character class possible.
    I'm a bit confused.

    Regardless, if it does more than 100 damage if you accidentally hit it, it needs a big nerf. Especially combining with the fact it can exponentially spawn, and that in order to disarm it reliably, you'd probably need max tinkering, Perception, Archaelogy, Smithing, Burglary, and 3 items with 2 trap affinity on them.

    I'm not sure exactly, but on that floor, it probably would need that much trap affinity.

    If anything, a nerf to their damage, and their ability to multiply 100 times faster than Tribbles crossbred with rabbits. :)

    This, this, a billion times this. I'm really tired of the roguelike argument.
    Just because they're hard doesn't excuse overkill traps. :)

    Not even Nethack would do this. :) Heck, Slash'EM's creator would say that's a bit silly. :)

    Regardless, this is basically Baby's first roguelike, and if you die to something that is not your fault in a roguelike, it's not a good thing, it's a bad thing. The first rule of Roguelikes is that the player should die a lot, but only to things that are his fault.
    This is one reason why I make backup of my saves for ADOM. Just in case the game crashes.
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    He got hit with 200 damage because he stepped on 10 of them at the same time: the traps themselves require 16:trap_level: to disable safely, and deal 20:dmg_conflagratory:10:dmg_piercing:. On the 15th floor, you likely have 6-7:resist_conflagratory: and 3-10 (depending on armor) :resist_piercing:.
  3. dbaumgart

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    Recursive functions in DredmorScript are a bad time. You know recursive curse? It used to really be recursive. Crashed the game every time. There were ... other dalliances with the notion. None ended particularly well.

    Well, in this case I didn't read the fine print clearly enough on the scripting when I pasted it in and it seems we got a trap that makes traps. Sorry!

    I've killed the self-spawning entirely for the next release.
  4. FaxCelestis

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    Wait, eruptors in general or gone, or the dragonsbreath eruptor can't make more eruptors? :S
  5. dbaumgart

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    I'm making it so nothing spawns more eruptors.
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    Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining it.
    I really misunderstood him. My apologies.
  7. zaratustra

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    Shame on Gaslamp for not making the script system solve the halting problem.
  8. Kaoschan

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    Here for all of your pleasure

    a dragon eruptor on a dLev12 monster zoo.


    if a monster walks over it it may take up to 10sec for the turn to finish due to the traps going off like crazy ... and i'm on 2x animation speed.
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    Just wanted to say that this is a pretty bad assumption to make. I've had characters down on DL12 that barely had any :trap_level: at all.
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    I was refering to each tile, apoligies for not clarifying that, given the game does everything on a per tile basis I didnt think that needed clarifying (my mistake). The point I was making is the other types of caltrops end up on the spots that the eruptor doesnt so it can look like it's everywhere (though thats moot now as it doesnt spawn eruptors anymore).

    Rogue-Like is meant to be difficuilt, its the hardest difficuility in the game was my point on it being a rogue-like game, so its a game designed on games where the point is for it to be highly challenging, and being on the hardest difficulity. Complaining that the game is hard at that point seems moot to me.

    Just about every game I've played on dredmore I've gotten enough trap skills to see let alone disarm any of the traps (with the exception of the first few floors), unless I've specifically avoided getting it. It's not something that just shows up that traps are suddenly in the game when you hit the high levels, they are their from the first level so you have a huge amount of time to build up to make sure you can see and/or disarm them.

    IE. Its an exponentially growing trap that is reasonably easily avoidable for a player.

    You wont however get any argument on the factor that it will be set off and subsequently kill off heaps of enemies (which have to be disamed their way through), though I'd prefer to see that than enemies not setting off traps that the player hasnt setup themselves.

    Though for the traps being behind a vending machine that is something that could happen to any traps, not just this one, so not particularly an issue with the caltrop trap.
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    Yes, Going Rogue is meant to be difficult. It is the hardest difficulty.
    But you're kind of going off the assumption that this game is supposed to only be played on the hardest difficulty, and that roguelikes are all supposed to be uber-hard.
    Sure it's not supposed to be a cakewalk, heck, I have trouble sometimes on Elvish Easy, but the game is not supposed to be as hard as other roguelikes.

    This game is not as hard as Nethack/Slash'Em. There's no reason for it to be close to as hard as those two.
    A trap that multiplies is a bad thing for any game, period.
    Most Roguelike authors will tell you this.
    From the creators of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, to the Nethack Dev team, to the creator of ADOM, to the creator of POWDER, and even Ivan.
    Even the creator of Omega would agree, and he made the hardest roguelike ever made, so much so that when the first person who finally beat it told his story, the creator made it harder. :) Released almost 20 years ago, has only been beaten 4 times maybe.

    The creator of Omega is welcome to post on this thread to tell me if he would agree or not, but I think he vanished from the face of the earth over a decade ago.
  12. mining

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    Multiplying traps is awesome and I want an optional way to get them back! (ok I'll just change it myself :)) - though it would be nice if traps are by default friendly to monsters and need to be playerset to kill them.
  13. dbaumgart

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    You can certainly mod them back in. I'm sure someone will. Gaslamp, however, won't be held responsible for the stability of any game that has recursively trapping traps involved!
  14. Ringwraith

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    I too, encountered the wonderous recursive caltrops, and it was hilarious.
    Night of the recursive caltrops.png

    Honestly, it was funnier than dangerous, even though I was taking the full 20 fire damage, provided I didn't try and walk through it. I gave up and found another way around after hitting a brick wall with my dinky trap affinity. This was caused by a monster zoo pursuing me over it, I'd seen them before, but didn't realise quite how bad it would get.
    However, it turns out it's a hilarious way to even the old odds against Dredmor.
  15. Hot-D

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    Well thanks. When I created this thread, I didn't expect it to have any result. I love indie games.
    Gonna launch DoD again for the next update.
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    Sorry for the spam, but I have to post this here:

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            NetHack doesn't care if you win or lose.
            Slash'em wants you DEAD.
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    NetHack plays fair between you and the monsters:
            The orc wins the race to the Whirling Blades of Doom. 
            He seizes it, grins, and whirls it at you.  You fall
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    Slash'em cheats against you and for the monsters:
            Staggering and more than half dead, you advance to
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            ...There is no weapon at the corpse.  The Whirling
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    Rob "slashed by Slash'em" Ellwood 
    That was from here:
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    Obviously, the creator of Slash'Em is really Cthulhu. :)
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    Besides, they're fun. Nothing like stacking a dozen assorted nasty traps on a tile and luring a nasty over it to make you giggle and gaze lovingly at that high :trap_level: score.

    seriously, rogue supremacy forever :D
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    I can see why you are all rage-y about the recursive trap problem... but I think none of you actually grazed the true problem it leads to... What I mean by that is how i managed to win about 200k xp in a closed room with nothing but 1 dragonbreath caltrop eruptor (I wasn't sure i could handle Dredmor and wanted my achievement for armor skill... Managed to go from lv29 to 33). Basically, by stacking 10 traps in a single square i would pop 6 of them. That would yield me (according to odds) 14.8 traps (1.8*6 + 4) so unlimited eruptors, but also a neat ~7452 xp (~1242 per eruptor). And since I had prayed the diggle of fertility, I had 150-200 hp, with traps dealing me 14 damages each time they sprang I never died (It would have required all traps to explode and go haywire, and even then i might have survived) and I only needed 1 dire sandwich to go back to full health (and I had quite a lot of them stacked thanks to perception). To make things even more broken, my build gave me ~20 trap affinity (maxed Perception + tinkering + smithing and a couple of trap boosting items) which means i never got hit more than expected. Oh and did I say I had ~70 eruptor and ~200 of each caltrops by the end. Still died against Dredmor because i underestimated him.

    Tl;dr : It is possible to have more than 16 trap affinity meaning you have endless gold/xp/traps
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    I just wanted to say Captech VI's death has finally been avenged by Captech XIV the Great.
    With no trap to deny me my total badassery anymore, I am now officially a total badass. Hell yeah!

    May this thread rest in peace. My work here is done.
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