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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Chiko, Oct 17, 2011.

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    I'm a compulsive proofreader, it drives my wife up the wall. Glad it came in handy for once ;)
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    Oh noes... the hardcoded Blood Magic attacks again. As soon as you go to the next skill lvl -from Soul Collector to Bloodlust- you lose the ability to get Stolen Soul on each kill. It's hardcoded to only run on that skill lvl just like it happens with Stolen Spirit... :(
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    Well that is quite terrible. Maybe just work on another skillset til that is fully in the xml?
  4. Chiko

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    Yeah. I'll take a look at the other skills and see if I can add more stuff...

    Also, some changes in those Blood Magic skills I made. Just added a new spell for Bloodlust, changed some stats, fixed some grammar mistakes, transmutative damage instead of asphyxiative because it kinda makes more sense IMO... stuff like that.
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    Phew... Real life has been keeping me really busy. I just got back to me homeland so I should have free time for at least a month... maybe a little less.

    On Topic now. I think I'm gonna expand the Vampire skillset now. It could use more skills and I have a couple skills in mind. I was thinking about a Dominate skill but there's already something similar in the Psionics skillset... Hmm. Imma just think about different stats. I even made an icon for it a moment ago. :p


    Edit: I was thinking about making it a charm enemy spell with upkeep instead but I don't think that's posible now that I have searched thru the spellDB file...
  6. Essence

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    There's also at least one vampire icon (skills/wizard/vampirism3.png) that isn't currently in use TTBOMK. Vampirism definitely could use some help, and if you're even mildly into V:TM you've got a plethora of source material at your disposal. :)

    And as to upkeep-based charms, I'll bet you solid money that <effect type="charm"> with no 'turns="16"' in it will work just fine, and you can add the upkeep by putting the charm effect in a separate, triggered spell and calling that spell from inside of a buff timer. I think. I'm still experimenting, but I did something like it with Neurotoxin -- you can see the code in the "Poisoneer mod" thread in the Mods section.
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    Well, I tried various things but none of it worked. I had in mind something more like a sustained charm spell. I think imma just add a penalty for the duration of the spell.

    Also, yeah. I was thinking about V:TM games with the Dominate skill. ;)
    The Vicissitude dicipline in those games is actually pretty interesting and I might do some skills based on it for the Fleshsmithing skillset.
  8. Null

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    Well there's really no way to do the dominate spell. First of all triggers aren't currently canceled by buffs ending, and additionally it'd have no way to target a tile so it just wouldn't work.
  9. Chiko

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    Yeah. I was hoping to find a way but nay can do. :(

    I kinda finished one more skill for Blood Magic and some more for Vampirism today. Imma post the pics in this reply but the additional info will be in the main post, as usual.


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    Very nice! looks quite fun. I'm not savvy enough to do it myself but I can't wait till they're in 1.07 so I can modload them :) (and the bushido one)
  11. Chiko

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    Thanks. I can't wait for the new update either. To be able to add more skillsets will be like christmas. xD
    I might change some of the stats later... so far most of them are pretty much clones of abilities in other skillsets. I kinda want to make them more unique.

    Also, I just came out for a Fleshsmithing Skill based on one of my fav movies:

    Horrid Form: Instantly transform into a horrible thing. Giving new purpose to your bones and flesh to turn them into weapons, you can manifest that killing machine you carry within... for a limited time.
  12. Chiko

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    So I have been thinking for new Fleshsmithing skills and I want an item to be especially related to it. The Cube of Flesh.

    I kinda want that item to be like clay for this skill. Spells would require Cubes of Flesh and little mana to cast.

    New Skills I want to add:
    Harvest Corpse: Starting skill. Converts a corpse into a Cube of Flesh.
    Skin Trap: Paralyzes and Asphyxiates an adjacent enemy for 5 turns.
    Sculpt a Servant: Replaces Zombyfycation. Requires Cubes of Flesh instead of a corpse.
    Horrid Form: Adds transmutative damage to attacks and strikes all monsters around you on cast. Heals you every time you kill foes. It lasts 15 turns.

    Of course, this is just an idea and I am aware there are things I won't be able to do. I have searched thru the files and the only related strings I have found only work with Item Types instead of a specific item.
  13. Null

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    You know you could make something actually ressurect and charm a monster. That's what I've wanted to do for fleshsmithing. Give it a debuff or something and you're set. The brain rot even means they can't cast spells (actually that's the charming but don't tell anyone).

    And btw in 1.7 there's a percent attribute for triggers now so you can create down the road that way, instead of the cast percentage which I'm fairly certain would activate on all spells.
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    A skill I'm hoping to add once mod support comes in. I doubt all of it will be workable, but a man can hope.

    Kalathomancy - The ability to wield the artifacts of destruction known as "basketballs".
    Basketballs are thrown items with a 100% recovery rate. They don't stack and are, unless used with this ability, rather weak.

    Dribble - When not holding an item in one of your hands, your basketballs do more damage.
    Rebound - Your thrown basketballs have a chance of returning to you. This chance rises with each level.
    Slam Dunk - "Blink" effect that does damage to enemies around the target.
    Three-Pointer - Long-range attack that does a lot of damage.
    Backboard Break - Basketballs reduce the target's defense with each hit.
    Chaos Dunk - The forbidden technique works as a Slam Dunk, but it deals massive damage to all nearby creatures, including you.
  15. Essence

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    I think you'll have to modify some of your expectations, but you could at the very minimum make these skills that CONSUMED basketballs. That would be cool. :)
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  17. Chiko

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    We definetely need a script that allow us to make an item or a number of them requirements to use a skill. :p

    Is there some kind of list containing the current scripting options? It would be really awesome if there was one... :3
  18. Chiko

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    So... I just made the image for one of the fleshsmithing skill ideas I posted before. This new skill is kinda creepy/disturbing but I hope the image makes it more funny. xD

    Skin Trap: You have developed a new strategy your enemies will never expect. By quickly removing a layer of your skin to be used as a sac, you can wrap an adjacent monster. The helpless creature will be unable to move and will also suffocate until the sac breaks.
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    So, I was adding these skills to my Mod folder and I noticed something...
    Having a skill with the same name won't replace the one in the core files. It allows both skills to work at the same time.

    A similar thing happens with the Level string. Put a skill you made as for instance, Level 1 in a core skillset = both, the core and the modded skills work at the same time. It is also posible this happens with spells, items and other stuff too.

    Is there a way to bypass this? So far the only solution I know is to make the changes in the core files... which is not the idea.
  20. Null

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    There is not any way to bypass it.