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    Makes sense about burglary but I think the other skills in the tree are still useful enough to make it a pretty no brainer choice if you're not a mage. Teleport and invisibility rock and this provides them. I'd take it even without the picks.

    I like your suggestion about crafting them in addition to the no use on door addition. I would think they should be a level One skill though. I can't see someone not trained in tinkering being able to craft them easily.
  2. axxontepes

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    I do realize that there is an advantage to using a lock pick on a door as opposed to kicking it open it's just not one I'd rather use when the supply of picks is low.
  3. DragonRider

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    Burglary isn't overpowered because of the lockpicks; those are just a convenience and probably don't affect your actual survival odds much. If it's overpowered, it's because it has no fewer than three awesome escape mechanisms on short cooldowns, including the two most reliable ones in the game (invisibility and controlled teleportation).

    Granted, once you consider that Fungal Arts has literally infinite cooldown-free invisibility with no skill investment, and Alchemy nearly so, and Mathemagic has cooldown-free controlled teleportation on top of huge damage, Burglary might not look so out of line by comparison. But it still kind of takes the steam out of a lot of other would-be defensive options, like Knightly Leap in Dodge or the vines in Viking Wizardry.
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    Personally, I quickly got into the habit of clicking the lockpicks in my inventory to "pick them up" (with the mouse) before opening a locked door. Then again, I've only been playing heavily for about a week and I haven't even tried burglary, so maybe I'm just not used to the convenience of having a regular supply of lockpicks? For that matter, if they're not a scarce resource, what would be the point in having them at all?
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    They are a scarce resource unless you have burglary. The issue is not using the scarce resource on something you don't need it for and to do that, you have to micromanage currently.
  6. axxontepes

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    It also helps with traps.

    Now that they have moved picks to the end of the tree an idea I had may make some sense. I never understood why your lucky lock pick spawned other lock picks. Wouldn't it make more sense if it never got used up? As long as you have a pick in inventory you can use it and it won't be used up.

    Overpowering for a first level skill but as an end skill which by that point only reduces tedium ( does anybody really run out of picks even with the counter after a couple of levels? I don't. ). Of course, if you have only the one and it gets stolen... which would be a counter issue you don't currently have with the current skill. Maybe make you keep the pick handy in the first belt slot to use the skill.
  7. Essence

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    I'm not seeing this 2x inventory. Am I missing something?

    Also, Transdimentional Dodge should be a skill that causes a removable buff that adds the triggerondodge effect. That would make it much saner. :)
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    It's on the twitter--the 2x refers to the inventory UI, not the space itself.
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    No it doesnt, there are twice as many inventory spots from 1.06 to 1.08. If you are comparing to the humble version(1.07) then you wont notice a difference with this. But from 1.06 to 1.08 it is a welcome change(now they just need to fix crafting)
  10. Essence

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    Sorry, that's just blatantly false.
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    You can also convert free lockpicks into free lutefisk.
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    I wholeheartedly approve this.

  13. Author X

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    Yeah, I feel like the clunky crafting system was traded for one that's better designed but not quite completely programmed/matured... needs MW-scrolling, names of the resulting items. And I miss the ability to craft by tossing in an ingredient without looking up the specific recipe - in particular when picking up ores. Before, would open the ingot press, drag straight from the ground to the press and smelt, then shift-click the resulting ingot. Now, if my inventory is full, I have to shuffle items so that it's in my inventory then find the right ingot press recipe. And if I dropped something, pick it up after the crafted ingot goes into the existing stack.

    I do like that it automatically includes items in my belt for crafting, I don't believe the previous UI did that.
  14. DragonRider

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    Even with better controls, I think the new crafting system still might be worse than the old one. The majority of the stuff you craft is really simple. Now, if I want to make a one-ingredient recipe like smelting an ore or building some bolts or throwing weapons, I have to manually scroll through a whole huge list instead of just dropping in the material and hitting the craft button.
  15. Profanity

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    Yeah, seems like I misunderstood that part. The twitter guy is correct.
  16. Essence

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    At the absolute minimum, the lists should be tabbed. "Swords" "Axes" "Bolts" "Potions" and so on.
  17. blob

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    They said they were gonna add filters for the crafts I think so hopefully, not too much scrolling with next update.