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    An Adventurer is You!
    KoL_Sword_Martini_Guy_64.png sealclubber.png turtletamer_class.png pastamancer.png sauceror.png discobandit.png accordionthief.png

    This adds 6 skills, each associated with one of the basic classes in KoL! (

    I've wanted to do this for a long time now. Finally did it. Here it is. Please tell me everything I did right, but more importantly everything I did wrong. In particular anything related to game balance would be helpful, I tried not to go too far overboard but I could easily have missed the mark.

    I'm just going to copy/paste the big thing I typed out for the steam workshop page. It has the basic description of the skills and corresponding abilities.
    the mod is here:

    Again, any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    wow this is amazing :D
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    No direct download attachment?
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    Here you go, this one should be current.

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