New Class: Jack of All Trades

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    Here's a new crafting centered class

    Each level adds a level in one of the craft skills, and the last four levels also add item drops from monsters which vary based on the monster's taxon.

    Lv1 Lathe Lackey: +1 Wandcraft; +1 Sagacity

    LV2 Ingot Smacker: +1 Smithing; +1 Burliness

    LV3 Sludge Slinger: +1 Alchemy; +1 Acid resist; +1 Stubbornness

    LV4 Fledgling Machinist: +1 Tinkering; +1 Blast Resist; +1 Nimbleness; +1 Disarm

    LV5 Demonic Posessions: +1 Wandcraft; +1 Sagacity; +1 Savvy; +4 reflect; Demons occasionally drop items on death

    LV6 Grave Goodies: +1 Smithing; +1 Burliness; +1 Stubbornness: +1 Putrid Resist; +1 Disarm; Undead (+ Count Digula) and animals occasionally drop items on death

    LV7 Lumberjackpot +1 Alchemy; +1 Sagacity; +1 Stubbornness; +1 Toxic resist; Plants and Oozes/"Other" occasionally drop items on death

    LV8 Mechanical Marauder +1 Tinkering; +1 Nimbleness; +1 Caddishness; +1 Voltaic Resist; +1 Trap Finding; +1 disarm; Constructs occasionally drop items on "death"

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