New Booze (De)Buffs

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  1. JabberSnatch

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    I'm playing a mage-ish character for the first time in awhile and noticed that when your character gets drunk, interesting things happen. Like:

    Nip of Courage: 1:burliness: and 1:caddishness:
    Buzzing with Magic: 1:burliness:, -1:nimbleness:, 1:caddishness:
    Wizard Krunk: -2:sagacity:, -2:nimbleness:, and 2:caddishness:
    The Ballmer Peak: -2:sagacity:, -2:nimbleness:, 2:caddishness:, 5:melee_power:, 5:magic_power:

    And probably more that I don't know of yet.

    I guess this means pure warriors who don't mind a drop in :nimbleness: have a reason to drink booze outside of maintaining a lesser syzygy :D

    And, to players who play mages more often than I do, do you think these buffs will change how you manage mana at all?
  2. Ruigi

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    it means you should intermittently drink booze as you fight, rather than pound down eight bottles of absinthe like a Dartmouth pledge.
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  3. Turbo164

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    3 Pear Wines gave me "The Room is Spinning" with -10:edr: and iirc -5:magic_power: and another.

    Amusingly I only learned booze stacked a few weeks ago...I had always assumed it overwrote the old one :confused:
  4. shaken

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    Really? You can have more than one booze giving you mana back at a time?
  5. DuckAndCower

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    No, he means that each one you drink adds to the duration of your drunkenness. Consecutive, not concurrent.
  6. Chibi

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    I think he means that it extends the time on it, instead of overwriting the turns you have left.
  7. shaken

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    Ah okay. Thought I was missing out on something huge here.
  8. Turbo164

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    Yeah just the duration, sorry if I rose your hopes falsely ><

    I had originally gone fight-fight-drink-fight-fight-drink, because I assumed that drinking a Grog before the first one wore off would just waste the unused turns and reset the timer to 16; then for a few weeks I was able to experience the joy of stealth-away-then-chug-chug-chug and having 100+ turns of booze without wasting any combat turns.

    Then they make it so that doing so makesh yur wizardin a bit hurder. Which is funny, makes sense, and requires more strategy so I'm not complaining...just kinda wish I had learned the stacking trick a few months sooner to abuseenjoy it longer ;)

    Hmm, I wonder if it's possible for one of the debuffs to be "Beer Goggles" and change the mouse-overs for enemies... "Muscle Diggle - You can totally take this guy!" "Red Lichess - She's totally flirting with you!" :p