Neverwinter Nights Character Builds.

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, May 13, 2012.

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    I just made my character and saved. The only remaining issue is that I get no video when they should be playing. They sounds work for them, but I get to stare at the full loading screen while it pretends to play the videos. I wonder if I can replace the bink dlls and get it to work on my system...
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    Maybe compared to the OC, yes, the PRC pack is broken.
    Otherwise, I feel insulted here, by Mining saying it's broken. I've been playing the PRC pack for probably 4 years, I'd think I'd figure it out if it was broken by now. :)

    Really though, if you want an broken time, go Minotaur Barbarian and dual-wield greatswords, yes, Minotaurs can dual-wield greatswords and switch the difficulty to Easy. :)

    I can recommend a few mods that work well with it, one Omni will really like because he likes really hard monsters. :) Dungeon Spawner Lan
    Fun and hard, two things Omni will probably like.
    I play on Easy with dm_God activated whenever I feel like jumping into a game and beating up monsters. Sometimes it's fun to relax by beating up monsters and making them have no chance to hurt you. :)
    I don't do it often. IT's the same principle as relaxing by punching the Cyberdemon to death in Doom. :) And this, which requires I believe an earlier version of the CEP pack. I think.
    Anyhow, I fully recommend this. Especially with the PRC pack. Fun as hell, random as hell, and it's basically like Angband/ADOM/etc all rolled into Neverwinter nights.
    One small cavat.
    You do have to edit the mod via the toolset to do this if you want it to work properly past level 20. While you're there, you can also decrease the XP gain. Via the following.
    1 Open the module in the toolset.
    2 Open the script called "spawn"
    3 Add the following right after line 4:

    if (iLevel>20) iLevel=20;
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  3. OmniaNigrum

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    I will give them all a try.

    Odd that in all these years of having a boxed copy of NWN I never bothered to install it until I used the GoG version that seems inferior.

    Thank you David. I appreciate the detailed help. :)
  4. mining

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    The PRC pack is broken because there's no way in hell you can balance that many sheer options. We've been running a server with only core options, and we're still rebalancing things - and balance is almost right - after several years.
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    For multiplayer I can only agree. You need limits that are reasonable or it turns into one of the seemingly infinite MMORPGs with uber loot and massive experience gain from simple one-shot kills.

    That was what I liked so much about Shards of Dalya. It was an Everquest server that rebuilt the entire client to be hard and never to hand a plateful of heal potions and a "shiny sword of killing everything" on a sliver platter to the player. You could advance, but you had to earn it.

    But I am more interested in single player. There is not reasonable way to make NWN turn based and slow enough for my pathetic reflexes without annoying the new kiddies that want to cast every spell NOW NOW NOW!!! ...and such... :)

    So within the limitations of not playing with others, half the balance goes out the window. I like hard monsters that take time and tactics. I want to occasionally pause and have to really think how I can kill the next wave of CyberDemons or whatever they are, despite being drastically overpowered myself. So I will try it both ways. Straight-up NWN for multiplayer is a secondary concern. I can get to that after I ruin all my fun with an insane and impossible fight or ten. I will abuse any exploit I can in single player. But if I am still interested after that, I will try multiplayer where the little things like balance matter.
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    Sadly the latter cannot work if it requires CEP 1.52 since 2.x was the only option for those like myself stuck with 1.69 of the base game and expansions.

    I do not think there is a way to revert to 1.67 or whatever is required as the highest version to support CEP 1.52 anyway.

    But I will likely still be fussing with the base game late this upcoming Winter when the next in the series comes out. Last I heard, it was called "Neverwinter" without AD&D or Nights or anything else. They will likely rename it a few days before launch to confuse people though. I just hope they make it more mod friendly this time around. NWN2 was so bad as a base game that most people never bothered to see if mods would fix it. I just uninstalled and moved on.

    My current playthrough has hit a wall of sorts in that the PRC is *Still* not working right. It lists Psion as a base class, yet it cannot be selected and has no requirements listed. I was just looking though. I will not likely play one anyway, but it is a bad omen to see that stuff.
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    Upon making another character, I tried making a Wizard. Once leveling up the first time, I realized the other "Base" classes were then enabled for picking. But that is irrelevant since they should be pickable from the start. Oh well.
  8. mining

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    Yah, we had a good team of like 15 people making NS5 but it caved because NWN2 was just so godawfully bad. Shame, really - much easier and better to mod than NWN1.
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    NWN2 was to CRPGs what Horse Armor was to DLC. :)
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    Er, Omni, Morawhateverhisnameis Magnificent dungeon works perfectly for me.
    I have 1.69 and the two expansions.

    It must use the new CEP then. Because I have no problems with it working.
    You really should take a look though.

    Also, even if the CEP 1.53 doesn't work well with 1.69, I'm sure the few mods that used it probably have a way to make them work better.
    I'd imagine there's something that will make it work.

    But again, it works fine for me. And you'd like it.
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    Hell. I tried again to get this modded to something worth playing. But failure is all I get. GoG should be ashamed of that copy they have. The PRC and CEP people went to a lot of effort, but each screwed the others and neither even works out of the box.
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