Need some help with a mod. New to modding

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Top8Gamer, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Eh, generally it's considered good ettiquette to open it up in the Modding forum for a week or two so that people can uncover any bugs or argue balance for a bit, then ask Daynab to move it to Mod Releases once it's considered kosher. :)
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    Yeah. In reality you could just post it here and we will examine it and possibly help you refine it a bit. There are no hard rules about where you must post it though. If you think it is done, you can post it to the releases area right now. But Essence is usually right about such things, and it is always easier to agree with him than to learn that he really knows his stuff. (I am speaking from experience on that last part.)
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    Ah dang sorry already posted it on the other forum =p. I'll keep that in mind for next time I suppose. I'll post it here as well I guess.

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    Don't add amount="1" to anything where the amount doesn't matter. I added amount="2" to a helmet once, and it just spawned one helmet. I couldn't wear it, but hey.


    (Might be some other part of my mod, but at least I'd try it out)
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    So I'm brainstorming some more advanced ideas for a new skill and I need to know if what I'm trying to do is actually achievable in the game.

    1. Is it possible to create a stacking buff that with each stack of the buff has an increasing % chance of removing all stacks of the buff?

    2. Is it possible to consume items in your bag that aren't just food? I know there's the way you do it for sending it to the museum but I'm not trying to reward xp with the consumption but a buff.

    3. Is it possible to scale the dmg of a spell off of how many stacks of a buff you have as apposed to a specific primary or secondary stat?
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  6. Essence

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    Yea, no, and -ish.

    Item-consuming spell are really, really messed up right now. Don't even try.

    For the other two, I'm fairly certain they can be done -- the person to ask would be Kazeto. Hes kind of the guru of complex buff-related chicanery.
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    Or, in other words, I'm the only one crazy enough.

    Top8Gamer, here are your answers:
    The first one is fairly simple - just make a Dot ("triggering every turn") effect which will trigger a spell; then make this spell trigger the removal effect with some chance (5%, for example). Because every buff gets its own Dot effect even if the buffs are in one stack, that means the chance will increase as the number of buffs does.
    Alternatively, targetHitEffectBuff or playerHitEffectBuff can be used to trigger the removal effect if the buffs are supposed to get removed not just when you walk but when you get hit (playerHitEffectBuff) or hit something (targetHitEffectBuff).

    Of course, the scaling is getting less steep in this case as the number of buffs increases, but I can tell you how to get over that if you really want to dabble in black magic.

    And the last one can be achieved in a rather simple way, sort of.
    Just make these buffs give you something really obscure (secondary stat number 15 isn't used, being deprecated, and assuming its value is still stored somewhere [and it ought to be], it should do fine as your "scaling" stat) and make the spell scale to that.

    There are alternative methods, but they are pretty insane so you don't want to go there for as long as secondary stat number 15 is deprecated but still in game (and thus usable). Well, unless you have more than one thing with such scaling, or want the buffs not to show the bonus itself so that players would not wonder about it, in which case I can tell you how to get around it.
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  8. Top8Gamer

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    Thank you for the answers, but with not being able to consume items that whole idea is out the window. I wanted to create a skill set where you could eat items to receive a permanent stacking buff, but as the buff stacks got higher you had a greater risk of throwing up all the buffs and losing all the stacks. I'll keep these tips in mind though for other uses.
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  9. Kazeto

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    Well, if it's just about you getting said buffs when you eat stuff, it's possible to make the buff trigger on a "foodBuff" hook, which activates whenever you eat something (and is put into skill trees).

    So not everything is lost, you just might to take a look at the reference table and possible refine the idea a little.
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  10. Top8Gamer

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    Yea it was not about eating food though it was about eating other things like weapons and armour. Maybe I could still do something with it but it wouldn't really work with food. People are going to want to eat food for hp. This skill would actually take the choice of risk/reward out of the players hands. I wanted the choice of a player thinking do I want to eat this sword and try and get another stack of buff or not risk losing my current stacks.

    Eating food is something players already do If a player has low hp and they need to eat food there going to eat it whether or not they have buff stacks to worry about. I also don't want to penalize people because they have low hp and want to eat food, but have to worry about losing buff stacks.

    I've got other ideas I can work on as well. I wanted to make a kind of perfectionist class that hates missing attacks or getting hit, and after so many attacks without missing or dodging so many attacks in a row you would kind of get a gloating buff but if you do miss or get attacked you throw a temper tantrum. Least thats the basic idea for it.
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    Well now that I'm sitting here thinking about it something else came to mind. The idea of the Glutton class was just this kind of risk/reward press your luck gambling type of skill. The eating item part was just the flavor of a glutton I came up with and me hating inventory management. But now I'm thinking about using that same concept of risk/reward in a kind of gambler class. It's not possible to make spells cost gold is it, or whatever the currency is called?
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    Zorkmids, and it's possible if you have the last expansion (Conquest of the Wizardlands) - a quick look at the Bankster skill tree will help you there because all (or almost all) of their spells cost zorkmids.
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    So I'm working on some new skillsets. I'm trying to create a skill that makes it so 20% of the time you melee attack you get a buff that makes your next spell cast stronger and 20% of your spell casts will trigger a buff making your next melee attack stronger. I thought this code was the way to do it but everytime either of the triggers proc it crashes my game and I don't know why.

    <spell name="Half Elf Casting" type="self">
        <buff allowstacking="0" stacksize="1" self="1" icon="sprites/azure_magicks64.png" bad="0">
            <secondarybuff id="3"    amount="20"/>
            <secondarybuff id="5" amount="50"/>
            <triggerOnCast percent="100" name="Remove Half Elf Casting"/>
    <spell name="Remove Half Elf Casting" type="self">
        <effect type="removebuffbyname" name="Half Elf Casting" amount="0"/>
    <spell name="Half Elf Fighting" type="self">
        <buff allowstacking="0" stacksize="1" brittle="1" self="1" icon="sprites/polearm_damage64.png" bad="0">
            <secondarybuff id="2" amount="10"/>
            <secondarybuff id="4" amount="50"/>
    <ability name="Half Elf Multiclass" icon="sprites/maverick64.png" skill="99754217" level="2" >
      <description text="Half Elves excel at using multiple combat styles at once."/>
      <secondarybuff id="2" amount="1" />
      <secondarybuff id="3" amount="4" />
      <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="20" name="Half Elf Casting"/>
      <triggerOnCast percent="20" name="Half Elf Fighting"/>
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  14. Essence

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    that's an easy one -- ALL buffs MUST have both an <icon> and a <smallicon>, even if it's never ever going to end up showing one of those two. So add smallicon="skills/placeholder32.png" to both Half Elf Fighting and Half Elf Casting's <buff> lines, and you should be good.
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  15. Top8Gamer

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    Yea that stopped the game from crashing. Still can't get the buffs to work though. The one that triggers on spellcast doesnt work at all and the the one that triggers on melee attack has a 1turn timer even though I didn't set a timer. am I supposed to use percentage="20" for the triggeronCast. the wiki says percent for that one and percentage for all the other triggers which seems weird.
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  16. Essence

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    Ah, well. the 1-turn timer is because the default setting for "usetimer" is "1", so if you don't include usetimer="0" in your <buff> tag, you'll always get a 1-turn timer.

    For Half-Elf Fighting, add a fireball animation to it so that you can see visually whether or not the spell is getting triggered, and tell us whether it is or not. That way we know which side of the trigger to look on. :)
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    Alright I figured out it was supposed to be percentage the wiki is wrong there. I have brittle on the melee boosting spell but that wasnt what I wanted I wanted the one that removes when you hit a target like the midas potions buff so I'll look at the code for that to figure it out.

    *Edit* Thanks for the help I got it working perfectly now.
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  18. Essence

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    Be sure to edit the wiki if you find out it's wrong. :)
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    So I'm working on skillsets based around DnD races. I got 4 of the 7 base races done. Elf, Dwarf, and half orc will take me a little longer. Let me know what you think of these 4 skillsets while I work on the others. They're small skills and could use a little more fleshing out if you have any ideas but I like em right now as kind of small advantages your race would give you similar to dnd. They aren't really designed to be used together but hey whos to say your not a halfling half gnome errr half dwarf?

    -Human- (Warrior)
    Tier1: Bonus Skillpoint


    Tier2: Human Adaptability

    +1 all primary skills.

    Tier3: Human Crafting

    +1 all crafting skills.

    Tier4: Human Combat Prowess

    +1 Melee Power, +5 Critical Chance.

    -Gnome- (Wizard)
    Tier1: Gnomish Hardiness

    +4 Cadishness, +4 Savy, -4 Burliness.

    Tier2: Small Stature

    +5 Dodge, +5 EDR, +20 Sneakiness, -1 Melee Power, -5 Block

    Tier3: Gnomish Perception

    +5 EDR, +1 Sight Radius, 5% Lucky Find

    Tier4: Gnomish Magical Training

    +10 Mana, +5 Magic Power, +3 Transmutative and Aethereal resists.

    -Halfling- (Rogue)
    Tier1: Halfling Nimbleness

    +4 Nimbleness, +4 Savy, -4 Burliness

    Tier2: Small Stature:

    +5 Dodge, +5 EDR, +20 Sneakiness, -1 Melee Power, -5 Block

    Tier3: Halfling Perception

    +5 EDR 10% Lucky Find

    Tier4: Halfling Luck

    +1 all resists not affected by armor.

    -Half Elf- (Rogue)
    Tier1: Half Elf Adaptability

    +1 All primary stats

    Tier2: Half Elf Perception

    +5 EDR, +1 Sight Radius, 5% Lucky Find

    Tier 3: Half Elf Multiclass

    +1 Melee Power, +4 Magic Power, 20% chance on melee attack to gain +20 Magic Power, +50 Haywire on your next spell cast, 20% chance on spellcast to gain +10 Melee Power, +50 Critical on your next melee attack.

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  20. Kazeto

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    Honestly, they don't really appear interesting now because what makes people choose skill trees is either active skills or unique passive bonuses, not to mention that a skill tree with only 4 tiers is bound not to look interesting.

    Perhaps changing it so that the passive bonuses are smaller but in exchange there are also some race-related minor feats would be a good idea; that way you could make the "race" trees longer too.
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