Necronomiconomics Builds.

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    Where did I ever say not using pact??
    They really did nerf it then, if so, Usually I only combo nightmare with wands for killing bosses or killing other ranged attackers after pact. I never anywhere said anything about not taking or using pact. I simply said that using it 4+ floors isn't very "mage-like", and it's definitely not that safe on PD to be doing so. It should be used sparingly at that point. Now if you wanna abuse bugs and steal a ton of crap from brax and whatnot, that changes things. You can do the reload pet summon thing and have an army of robots if you really want to abuse bugs as well.
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    Lol you got me before I decided to change the comment. It really wasn't the best way to put it. It still isn't, but it's slightly better I suppose.
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    I'm loving Necro atm.

    Current skills:
    Dual Wield
    Astrology (just for Radiant Aura)
    Archeology (stupid choice, took it for trap disarm to make early game easier, should have gone Blood Mage)

    The life stealing talent makes you into a melee machine to plow through the early game, and the tools are there (I think) in the Necro tree to handle the late game. Just recently got to unleash the Rift spell on a zoo, good times.

    Fungal Arts is amazing. This is my serious-ish game using it, and just wow. I'm sitting on like 80+ mana/health/invis shrooms each. It may be a bit clumsy to use, but I honestly feel I could just stealth walk from floor 4 to Dredmor right now and just DoT him up, invis, heal, mana up, repeat. I can't imagine Alchemy possibly matching my crazy number of consumables available. Going to rank 3 Fungal for Moldsmith is key. Turning all your "junk" shrooms into the "big 3" over time is HUGE, and the pet at rank 2 trivializes the painful very early game.
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    I've never taken blood mage. I'd always rather have alchemy. Maybe it's a style thing.
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    Blood magic's pretty pointless in that build since your only mana-using skill is Radiant Aura. Maybe you meant Fleshsmithing? But that's generally seen as an underpowered tree. Personally, it's hard to go wrong with Burglary; free invisibility and perfect teleportation are both really useful.
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    Update, I just killed Dredmor on GR/PD on my Necro run. Finished at only character level 12, too.

    Run went like this:

    Melee with 2 staffs and Pact on basically cruises through the first several floors. Farming corpses for mushrooms and using Moldsmith intelligently results in me having 100+ invis/mana/healing shrooms each. After getting Necro maxed, Fungal maxed (but I honestly could have settled for 3 ranks), and Burg to rank 4, I stealth through levels 7, 8, and 9 without fighting a thing. I get to level 10, and it is clear that melee is way too risky at this point. Lockdown/Bolas to root things in place, Eldritch + Nightmare to kill things. Mana shroom spam to cover the cost (expensive, since my magic stat is under 30 and I have no real regen). I find Dredmor, and it's death by Eldritch/Tentacle Wand for him in short measure.

    Burg + Fungal is kind of ridic. All of that mobility and invisibility makes you unkillable, and you can skip entire floors with ease. Necro is a good enough tree to win with late game once melee isn't viable anymore too.