BETA 55A NCO wants to kill herself...

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  1. So, thanks to the "new event enhancement", I got some new interesting things to meddle with :D

    In particular, I got some fishy-idol-cult thingy, I decided for a more scientific approach and I identified the source and the leader of this eldrich unholy stuff. In the meantime, the cult became something troubling, and my loyal colonists asks something to be done: Ida Ironborn, and NCO wants the cultists to be killed, and my scientists wants to study and pursue a softer approach. The problem is that the same NCO that asked for the Frontier Justice, is the cult leader...

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  2. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    True madness. :)

    Would be interesting if in situations where the cult leader is in a position of power they attempted to frame someone else.
  3. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Maybe their god wants them to commit suicide, much like the title implies.
  4. OddProphet

    OddProphet Member

    It's a trap.

    This happened before, in a colony I managed. If your chief scientist or NCO offers a solution to the Cult Problem, letting them have the authority to pursue the solution will result in them perverting their objective, leading to higher chances of REDACTED.
  5. Are you sure? I took the scientific route, and nothing happened. Literally: the fishpeople came, transformed (killed) the mad NCO cultist and that's all...
  6. OddProphet

    OddProphet Member

    If you took the Scientific route, and your scientist isn't a cultist, then you're good! If your scientist WAS a cultist, then I was both really wrong and really unlucky.
  7. No he wasn't a cultist... :D I would have considered to leave things to him, if that was the case, but I definetely didn't want to let an NCO kill the cultist when I know she is a cultist (and it was the game itself that told me she was... there is some twiking to do with this thing, the idea is really interesting and I like it, but it doesn't behave very well right now...)