Mystical Patterns (new rooms)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by zaratustra, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. zaratustra

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  2. zaratustra

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    I'm not sure whether I should release this on its own, with a few more rooms, or with a lot more crap (that could take weeks)
  3. Well if you release it this way, maybe give a bit more information on what a "Mystical Pattern" is? 3 New rooms (even at 1500 lines of code) does seem a bit light if you are trying to attract steam mod users.
  4. Lorrelian

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    Are you kidding? I don't even know what kind of artifacts it gives. I wants this mod. Will that zip file let me use it, or does I have to wait?
  5. zaratustra

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    Yeah, just install it the old fashioned way (create a folder in My documents/Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor/mods called Mystical Patterns and unzip it there)