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    Supposedly if you complete the floor without saving or loading once, you can finish the floor and return to the dungeon, but apparently you will crash the game the next time you interact with anything. Or so I heard.
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    If you're lucky enough to get out of the portal, you can sometimes save/load and it will fix the crashing bug.

    That said, this will be fixed very soon.
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    Nice to know. Also, I think I just ran across your tomb in the game, Daynab? :confused:
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    Haha yep :)
  5. Is there any way at all to disable the click pathfinding to not just randomly walk through teleporters I do I have to remember where every mysterious portal is and be careful around the ones I want to avoid?

    It's incredibly frustrating to click nowhere near a mysterious portal and have the pathfinder take a dumb route and end up losing a character, especially when it's really hard to know how to get out of it these things.

    Is there a possible way to disable them through a config file or something?
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    Best way I've found is to disable click to move and use WASD instead.
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    I can't believe people use the click to move feature more than the WASD keys anyway :O

    So as of, like, right now, the portals are still bugged eh? Good to know.
    Surprisingly I've only died once in them, and got out 4 times without any problems whatsoever. The fifth time I got the no portal back thing, but I've never had a problem with the game crashing after leaving a portal. Never saved either, but I play on permadeath so I never worry about saving anyway.
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    Fantastic. I love securing an advantage by beating challenges which the game thinks are too tough for me.
  9. I really like this game entirely because I can avoid having to touch the keyboard often, it's more relaxing for me to play when I get to lean back in my chair :( It's time to test the patch to see if it affected the pathfinding but it wasn't mentioned so who knows.
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    ... so I went into a mysterious portal after the game updated (but with v 1.8 splash screen), finished it, came out, crashed with the "interact with anything and die" bug.

    Steam then updated again. The splash screen is now 1.9. I loaded my autosave (I'd carefully gone down and up the stairs before using the mysterious portal). I then went up the stairs to the level where the portal was to be found. Suddenly, it's the "character teleports back to the same spot every turn" bug.

    I thought this was supposed to be fixed?
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    There are obviously issues with 1.08 saves vs. 1.09.. I would just chalk it up to that.
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    For the first few nights I just jumped into it with click to move without even doing the tutorial because it's roguelike, there's no fun in knowing what you're doing before going in. Psssh. :p

    Anyway, joke is that when I discovered I could use WASD to move I was like sweet this is much easier cause I tend to smack the spacebar a lot to burn turns to either get some HP/mana or get that monster 1 square closer. Then I got lazy and started walking, walking, walking O LAWDY 3 TRAPS BOOM BOOM BOOM.

    Yup. That ended well.

    The guy who now taps WASD to move one tap at a time and still manages to set off traps,
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    ^^ Why u talkin bout me? :p