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Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by jadkni, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. jadkni

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    I seem to be stuck in the other dimension past the mysterious portal. Three connected rooms with no notable features in any of them. Is the exit in a secret room, or is this a known bug?
  2. lccorp2

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    There should be another mysterious portal hidden somewhere. My exit was hugging a wall on the south side, with only a sliver visible.
  3. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    My minimap shows no features at all - I've checked the walls thoroughly.

    Well, this is a unique way to die if nothing else.

    EDIT: Well, I managed to step on something that caused DoD to crash. Might've been the portal.
  4. Essence

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    Yeah, I stepped into a Portal and was like "Hey, they fixed the monster balance, I'm only fighting a pair of Lil Batties!"

    Then my 1st level character ran into a freaking Cosbian Tesseract (just jellin) and got my ass ate.
  5. Null

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    You can't do this with melee. You NEED something to carry you that's strong no matter your stats because otherwise you'll die immediately to the stronger monsters. I've done it with various things, diggle plague, wands, make animal friend. The point is is that you need an ability that has the capability to do high amounts of damage to single targets without endangering yourself.
  6. Zyzone

    Zyzone Member

    What I want to know is what's the point of the portals. I like that there are really tough mobs, but there don't seem to be any rewards for getting through it.

    That's why this should have some type of reward. I almost got two shot by a golem in the portal along with using 4 or so high damage arrows on almost each mob there. Monster Zoo's on the other hand, don't require this much of an effort and give you a reward. If these enemies are going to have high hp and damage, there should be an incentive to go there, otherwise, I'm going to skip them. I'll try some more portals as they might be like the chests of evil. Hopefully there is some point to them aside from the difficulty.
  7. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    I've raided two (and crashed when trying to leave both times) and didn't find anything good. One had a normal chest in it but it had a plain stone axe.

    I was kind of hoping a difficult boss would spawn in there. Oh well, the XP is good.
  8. Eyeball

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    How on earth do you actually LEAVE the Mysterious Portal levels? I walked into one on level 2 and managed to survive the deep level monsters for long enough to find the exit portal that looked like the one I walked into to begin with.

    The exit portal took me to another randomly generated "level 0." I exited that one, arrived at ANOTHER level 0. I have now run through about six of those levels with no end in sight, and the monsters are so strong I can't fight even one of them at a time, meaning I have to run through every dungeon and savescum to survive.

    Am I doing it right? Should there really be more than five of these dungeons stringed together like this or is it a bug? I've found no "dungeon exit" tile anywhere yet.
  9. Kaoschan

    Kaoschan Member

    There seems to be a serious bug preventing you from exiting the mysterious portal chains ... which will result in a hardcrash
  10. Eyeball

    Eyeball Member

    Aww. Guess I'm stuck in the Twiligth Zone of Diggles, then. Thank God for autosave.
  11. Popsi

    Popsi Member

    I've experienced two mysterious portals now. First one had no exit portal but suddenly got teleported back on some random tile I walked on.
    The second one where I'm currently in has no exit portal either and I have literally stepped on every floor tile possible but can't find no way out.
    Guess I have to ctrl+alt+del and take auto-save.
  12. Knallis

    Knallis Member

    Thankfully I have yet to crash while going through those portals. In mine they always spawned me near a wand of some sort and I immediately figured I was supposed to use them to get through the mysterious portal dungeon. I assumed this was some sort of challenge for XP greedy players, or those who want to feel awesome for killing high end monsters at a low level.

    It would be nice if they give you a sweet reward, but even if they don't I'd always be tempted to go into them.
  13. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

  14. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    The portals are really really hard :s.

    Walked into it with nearly every talent in the Demonolgy tree, summon 4 denizens to do my work for me, and put on the Abyssal fire buff and Demon Circle buff, then watch as a high level enemy smashes their way straigh to me throug my minions :(

    Congratulations You Have Died.
  15. BladedBlades

    BladedBlades Member

    I've only barely explored the portal levels, but it sounds like they're bugged, so I'll be avoiding them in the future.
  16. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    My only experience with a mysterious portal was. . .short lived.

    I enter one, open a nearby door, laugh at how ridiculous the muscle diggle looks (first time I'd seen one), and then promptly have my face smashed in.

    TLDR; muscle diggle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> werediggle.
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  17. tcjsavannah

    tcjsavannah Member

    I'll throw my 2cents in that the first mysterious portal I encountered, and went into, had no exit, just a brazier that mocks me.

    As opposed to a brassiere that mocks me.
  18. Xen0nex

    Xen0nex Member

    Just after getting the DLC, I found a portal on the first level, and have been there ever since. I've been through easily over a dozen of the mysterious portal "level 0"s. A tip is that the exit portal is often hidden behind walls from view, so walk along the bottom edge of the rooms at the end of each level. At least to me it seems the rewards are the high-level gear I've found right away in the portal dimension, as well as the quick leveling (if you survive, or save-scum as I've had to).

    Sometimes either just the map, or eveything turns black when loading saves in the mysterious portal world.

    Is it supposed to go on forever like this, or am I bugged? If it is supposed to go on forever, I wish I'd had a warning before going in, or maybe even list it as a separate game mode (it is quite fun, but I would have used a totally different build knowing I wouldn't see shops/vending machines again). If not, is there somewhere we should point out this bug?
  19. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    I'm pretty confident in saying that it's not supposed to be infinite. It is, however, definitely bugged. Apparently you should return to the portal you entered from when you step onto the portal in the mysterious dimension - but trying to interact with something causes the game to hang. For me, I CTD when I try to leave.
  20. Velorien

    Velorien Member

    So are mysterious portals, in fact, unusable, or is there some way of coming back without crashing the game?