Windows Vista/7 64-bit Mysterious Portal (Another One!)

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Createx, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Createx

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    Well, I couldn't find my Portal to go back this time...
    Tried skimming along all the lower walls, nothing.
    Finally, I decided on a whim to Buffalo Throw all the Coffins, which then yielded the portal. A character without such a skill or item would be screwed, if he even thinks about blasting the coffins or whatever else the Portal holds.
    I'm running Interior Dreadmorating, not sure if it can come from there. Also Compleat Essential Skills, though I don't think they should affect this.
    First problem with mysterious portals for me, Dredmor has been pretty stable.
  2. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The room in question is not from ID, it's from the main-game. There's nothing modders can do to alter the dynamics of mysterious portal realms, except make the original portals on normal floors happen more often.

    Weird that it spawned there, though. The portals are not supposed to spawn under customblockers like that.

    Since you have knockback, I have to ask: Have you used any knockback effects during any fighting in that room? Could you have knocked the portal under the coffin?
  3. Createx

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    I'm pretty sure it spawned under the coffin, since the coffin was complete. I kicked away the part covering the portal. I might have used knockback in that room, not sure, but not near there. I didn't move anything in the room, and I think it unlikely that I'd have moved the whole coffin on the portal.
  4. LionsDen

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    I just tried to look to see if I could find how to make them spawn more often and I didn't see anything. Admittedly, I am probably not looking in the right spot so I thought I would just ask you where this is? I looked in tweakDB.xml and did a little looking in the different rooms.xml files.
  5. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Put <element type="portal" /> in a room. It will always span mysterious portal on the spot.

    For example, here's a spoiler to a project I'm working on called YTTG (which is kinda part of ID2.0) -
    <room width="7" height="7" name="Mysterious Portal">
      <row text=" ##### "/>
      <row text="###P###"/>
      <row text="#.#3#.#"/>
      <row text="d.@1@.d"/>
      <row text="#..2..#"/>
      <row text="##...##"/>
      <row text="###D###"/>
      <flags minLevel="4" maxLevel="9" notreasure="1" special="1"/>
      <element at="1" type="portal" />
      <!-- Mysterious Portals are at their best in the mid levels, where they provide a gamble of tougher monsters vs the possibility of off-level loot. -->
      <!-- Too early, and they are suicide. Too late, and they are a cakewalk. Floors 4 to 9 are just about right. -->
      <monster at="2" />
      <loot type="misc" subtype="lockpick" amount="2" at="3" />
  6. LionsDen

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    Thanks, I was hoping it was something like a setting in tweakDB.xml that says how often you can expect a portal to occur for each level. Oh well, the room way is a second best and if they ever implement a way to place a random thing (like vending machine or statue or anvil or something) from a list that would be good to be able to do. :)
  7. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The portals were added with RotDG, which doesn't even have a Tweak DB.

    There are such ways, but it's really limited.

    Text.xml allows for the addition of random statues and paintings, which I use a lot of in ID.

    Last I checked, TweakDB was not supported by the mod launcher. You could alter it by hand, but had to replace the file... so basically you could only have one such mod in play at a time, had to worry about the user misunderstanding your instructions, and could'nt release via Steam Workshop.

    There is this in TweakDB:

      <!-- blockers are 1-in-X , right? -->
      <tweak name="minimum blockers" ival="22"/>
      <tweak name="blocker number a" ival="12"/>
      <tweak name="blocker number b" ival="12"/>
      <tweak name="dispenser chance" ival="10"/>
      <tweak name="fountain chance" ival="19"/>
      <tweak name="uberchest chance" ival="21"/>
      <tweak name="anvil chance" ival="80"/>
      <tweak name="evilchest chance" ival="60"/>
      <tweak name="bbq chance" ival="22"/>
      <tweak name="freezer chance" ival="30"/> 
      <tweak name="number of teleporters" ival="5"/>
    Some of those are pretty clear in what they do. Others slightly more mysterious. I'm pretty sure blocker number a and b are the crates/vases/barrels, as each floor entry in BranchDB has exactly two such breakables. Dispenser is probably a random vending machine. Freezer is the minifridge, bbq the grill. The rest are easy to guess.... but I've NEVER seen the game place a Krong Anvil outside of a purpose-built room, so at least that part of it doesn't work. Number of teleporters is probably the number of pairs of satanic displacement glyphs, as mysterious portals don't show up nearly often enough for those numbers to make sense otherwise. Which means that nothing there corresponds to mysterious portals.
  8. LionsDen

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    Yeah, I was just hoping to make a few extra spawn in the game since they seem to be very uncommon in the games I have been playing. I didn't know that the mysterious portal was from RotDGs as I got that when I started beta testing YHTNTEP. As far as modding it, I was talking about having a special room that I could create that would have a random chance to spawn one thing in one spot. Like an anvil or statue or vending machine or mysterious portal. I just have to wait until they add the spawn from list ability to the rooms.xml code.