Mysterious Castle

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Godwin, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Godwin

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    In the tradition of spreading the word about other roguelike-esque games I thought I'd share Mysterious Castle here.

    I got it day before yesterday and after dieing a few times I set difficulty to easy and chose a brightly lit map. Got a good feel for the game that way, figured stuff out (most importantly how to mix mushrooms to prepare spells) and now started on normal difficulty with normal lighting: really nice game!!

    But I am getting way ahead of myself.

    Mysterious Castle is a randomized tactical combat exploration game. You have a party of up to 3, and you can customize their stats in the beginning. Run around a forest and caves and try to survive and find better loot, basically.
    I have heard there is a plot and a castle somewhere and you can finish the game, but nowhere near that yet.

    It has a demo, it can be bought for what you are willing to pay, and the website is here:


    I can definitely recommend it, let me know what you think about it? :)
  2. Daynab

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    I saw it a while ago but never gave it a try because the windows version was outdated (it's an iphone game firstly, I think) but I'll give it a try later now that it's updated.
  3. blob

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    I like the concept, the controls are a bit klunky though. I can see it was an ipad game first. Made me do a bunch of dangerous mistakes in battle.
    Thanks for sharing, might buy it once I finish the demo.
  4. Godwin

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    The controls definitely appear catered to big fingers on a small screen. But for me that was really no issue after 25 mins.

    It's nice and reminds me of Battle for Wesnoth, which is a really excellent and enjoyable game, and apparently the current version is 1.10.1, last one I played was 1.3.4, so that should be very nice to revisit.

    I played some more Mysterious Castle yesterday, now on normal difficulty and normal light level, but I do save and reload, something I didn't do before, you know, playing it like a roguelike. But that's just for getting to know the game and how the difficulty ramps up usually. I'll go back to permadeath.

    It's really really nice. Found some sweet items rather early on from some elves who got beaten by some orcs that I in turn finished. And later in a sort of small cave house (not the Mysterious Castle of course) I found 2 demons who also dropped sweet items like a warhammer +3 and a scale mail +3.

    EDIT: found the friendly village, fun!
  5. blob

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    Hmmm I dont think this game is really intended for permadeath.
    There is sadly a few bugs that can be deadly. For instance ennemy wizards could throw spells at my wizard ( who has very low health ) even though he had run away more than the whole screen vision, and was separated by more than 2 or 3 walls ( no freaking way they could see him and he, couldnt aim spells at them).
    And sometimes you can have a character killed in one turn just after opening a door, if unlucky.

    My success in the game can be summed up in 3 words. Troll, snipe, tree.
    Im having a lot of fun with my tactic of 1 insanely strong troll character taking all the damage ( and then self regenerating his health) while 2 snipers ( one also caster) behind, hidden in trees when possible shoot what they can. Taking on basiliscs and ancient vampires now.

    Havent found the village yet.
  6. Godwin

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    Yeah a Troll rules, I have plenty of fruit and a sweet 'smith's lordly maul' that is +5, bonus vs orcs, lifestealing AND shoots bolts to nearby enemies. Also using a mage and half-elf shooter to back up, sometimes using the half-elf to flank.
  7. blob

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    Wow, that s powerful. Nothing like that yet. Got a bolt ring though, pretty awesome since it has infinite charge so I can add a low level bolt at the end of almost every turn. Very usefull against undeads.
    Looks like we have an almost similar team. Got an elf mage always as far as possible and a human kindof like your half elf. mostly shoots but can go on the front to help a bit.
  8. Godwin

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    Yeah it seems similar, I have a gnome mage though, even more squishy :p

    I read in the game guide on the site that Trolls kinda get in trouble later on because they cannot wear armour, that's why I am so happy with my lifestealing maul :)

    Oh and btw, if you find the village seek out the smith, he might get you a nice weapon too ^^
  9. blob

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    Yes I figured the troll might get in trouble with that, especially since his regeneration doesnt scale. That's why I give him absolutely all the strength and constitution bonuses, as well best cloaks, robes, etc...

    Ok gonna take a break from my project play a bit of that now :p