My game instantly closes with no error message after character select

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Kerma, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Kerma

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    Hi, I was starting to make a SS13 crossover for Dredmor, but details aside whenever I try and play a game after the character select the game just closes without crashing nor error messages.

    I triple checked for misspellings on item images, and even tested each item one by one to see if it was the problem. Removing itemDB makes it work perfectly fine, but it closes otherwise.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Syphonix

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    Was it intentional to have two items with the name "Hamburger"? Seems like one of them would be named "Cake". Two items with the same name doesn't seem crash worthy but it might be worth a shot.
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  3. Kerma

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    My apologies, I briefly took out all of the items except for the hamburger and in the process accidentally renamed the cake hamburger for some reason when I checked it.

    The game still instantly closes even with the rename. Do you know if any of the sprites have to be in a certain bit depth or colour scheme? I've ripped the 32x32 sprites from the original game with no changes, could those be messing something up?

    EDIT: Another possibility is that there is already an item called "hamburger" or "cake" or something similar in the default game. While I don't remember anything of the sorts while playing through my 90 hours of game time i'll try adding "space" prefix to every item to see if that's the issue.
    EDIT EDIT: Nope, that wasn't the issue.
  4. Syphonix

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    Yes, your images need to conform, for the most part. Fax has good info in this thread here. It is recommended to draw the images in RGB colorspace, and then index the images.
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  5. Kerma

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    Alright, so is there a palette I have to follow or a certain depth? I read a bit of the thread but all I could find was "there isn't really an overall colour palette for every mod"
  6. Syphonix

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    Use a program that can index the image. If you're importing images from the original files, you need to convert them back to RGB, do your work, and then re-index them. I used GIMP on my latest project. That's really all you need to worry about as far as I have found in my work, but I didn't do anything too serious.
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  7. FaxCelestis

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    GIMP also doesn't index very well, so you'll probably want to index with another program. I use mtPaint.
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  8. Kazeto

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    The palette is generated for your image when you index it. So for as long as you don't use too many colours (which would be really hard to do when drawing an icon of this size), the palette generated for your image ought to contain every colour you used when drawing it and thus you shan't worry about colours when making it.