My first Vlad Digula Kill...

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Arron Syaoran, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Arron Syaoran

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    Leonard Drillhaust, Defensive Armsman, has just slain Vlad Digula(and Clocking 1111 total hours on Dredmor). His Strategy was simple, Dual Wield Mirror Shields while throwing Clockwork Sawblades and keeping a distance.

    Build: Master of Arms(maxed), Swords(Maxed), Berserker Rage(All but last skill), Dual Wield(3/5 Skills), Thrown(Maxed), Bankster(maxed for capping achievement) and Communist(up to social healthcare).

    I first Maxed Master of Arms to Survive longer, then I tried working on capping health regen. Didn't work too perfectly, but as long as I had suit up I was regen capped. I also killed Lord Dredmor by skipping half of floor 13 and all of floor 14 before I went for Digula, but that run was lost since the Game didn't save when I killed Dredmor, setting me back to the middle of Floor 12.
    Edit: it was on Going Rogue Permadeath, Large Floors, RotDG On. I can prove it with a Save File.

    I know that Master of Arms + Dual Mirror Shield + Clockwork Sawblade is considered a bit OP for Dredmor/Digula, but I didn't use encrusts, Tomes, Orbs or non-sword weapons at all. The RNG really didn't like my pick of Swords, since Brax and Evil Chests only had other weapons to use.

    What was it like for your First Vlad Digula Kill? Was it Difficult? For me it was pretty easy, only slightly harder than Floor 15 Dredmor(with less health since dredmor had about 2000HP and Digula had about 1334).
  2. Kaidelong

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    For me it wasn't too hard. I had a character with Crossbow, Piracy, Assassination, Wind Magic, Berserker, Master of Arms and Communism. After getting an enchant on his crossbow that summoned rain, he kind of had an amusing "bad weather follows this guy wherever he goes" aspect to him with Eye of the Storm from Wind Magic working together with Winter Counteroffensive and Healing Rain (along with a cybertronic armor I got from a mysterious dimension letting me take full advantage of the voltaic resist debuffs). I just spammed crossbow bolts at digula and he died, eventually. I mostly just kited him with windwalk. Dredmor was comparably more difficult as he seemed to have way more tank, somehow, but the same strategy ended up working for him.
  3. Giygas

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    I don't remember my whole build when I killed him, but the relevant skills I had were Clockwork Knight, Rogue Scientist, and Tinkering.

    I basically crafted a ton of Ingeniously Scythed Steel Arrows, kept Vlad dazed with Sonic Wands and the two Rogue Scientist skills that inflict it, and spammed arrows at him while teleporting away via Clockwork Knight.