1.0 MT: Retreating to Civilization

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    I'm including this save (which is the only colony I've run so far in 1.0), because I've reached a point where my colony is basically paralyzed (or progress slowed to a crawl) by people "retreating to civilization."

    Basically after a foreign invasion blew up most of my goods, I have to set overseers to log quite far away, and they simply do not perform any jobs past a certain distance (visible mostly on the south end of the colony) - the crews will walk to the job site, stop halfway, retreat to civilization, then repeat until the day is over and nothing has been done.
    The "civilization" area seems quite arbitrary, as they seem to go into that retreating loop sometimes in areas where they've already performed jobs before (both south and west of the colony, half the time the jobs are performed, and half the time they go into this retreat loop)

    (PS there are ghosts in this save, but the behaviour was there before the ghosts showed up)

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