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    That.. is indeed complicated.. Last time I'll use a spell that does something like that for the time being. heh. Much <3 for the help you've given me tho. Gonna need to do a lot of tweaking on balance.. The skills are WAY op atm.
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    Is the next spell you make going to do aoe damage and passively boost your defenses?
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    The whole "Amumu Soul" is already finished now. It does have Tantrum, yes =P I'm still debating on which "Soul" I want to work on next. Thinking Annie, but her spells are pretty close to what we already have as far as fire spells go
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    For some reason, I can't read "Amumu Soul" without thinking of the band KLF.
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    Lol. Well, the actual skill name is "Soul of Amumu". My whole mod will pretty much only have skills from League of Legends, a moba game. I obviously won't do the 100 champions that are out, that'd take way too long (and too much space in game) but I'll do some of my favorites.
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    Ooh, which ones? :)
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    I'm thinking Amumu (done), Blitzcrank, Urgot, Cassiopeia, Cho'Gath (if I can make a spell that can add a perma buff on kills instead of on use), Shen, Udyr (it'll work sorta like Werediggle or kinda like Kung Fu from CES if you used it), Annie (but like I said before, it feels kinda redundant, so I might skip that one) and my all time favorite champ: Teemo.

    Edit: Decided to work on Teemo now. Almost finished with it. Camouflage is a little tricky, being a passive that's triggered by doing nothing. I'm thinking of looking up the code that Ruigi uses in Swashbuckler for reloading the gun-weapons if I end up doing it that way. Otherwise, I'll just make it into a stealth that comes back every turn.. Which I don't want :(
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