More slots in the skill belt

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by verba, Dec 26, 2011.


Should new skill slots be added to the skill belt?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. verba

    verba Member

    I'd really appreciate if you could add more spell slots to the skill belt.

    My suggestion is to keep the actual amount of space the skill belt takes up, but sort of split the slots up so that for instance the icons will be halved in their sizes (or simply made a bit smaller) and we get 18 instead of currently 9 slots.

    Why? Because I find it unbelievably annoying to always have to enter the skill submeu and change spells in a fight (my hero has so many spells!).

    PS this goes for basic Dungeons of Dredmor too
    PPS I love this game ;)

    Thank you
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  2. BuzuBuzu

    BuzuBuzu Member

    I second this, and I don't even use spells. I'm playing a Rogue and with Unarmed, Artful Dodger, Burglary, Assassination, Fungal Arts, and Archeology. The active skills from just those categories require me to keep swapping them in and out. It's time consuming and takes away from actual playing.
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  3. JunkRamen

    JunkRamen Member

    I think a swappable second page of skill slots would be useful. As it is, it's very annoying to have to swap out a skill in the current interface. This has especially become a problem with new skill trees like Piracy taking up a lot of skill slots.
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  4. Mouseover skill belt. Scroll wheel to flip to a second "page" of skills. It'd be simple and easy... and I already do it by accident due to habits from other games!
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  5. Mao Ranma

    Mao Ranma Member

    Couldn't vote, so I liked OP post
  6. kino5

    kino5 Member

    Great idea, I already voted!
  7. Wootah

    Wootah Member

    Honestly, I thought 'who would vote no' before i voted, and sure enough, nobody has. I imagine that it isn't super easy to do, as the UI would have to be udated and significant code added... just like people requesting specialized containers would need quite a bit of new code.
  8. Samupo

    Samupo Member

    Someone should vote no because it seems that we are forcing people to vote positive.
  9. Er.. someone beat me to it. I voted no, just because Samupo asked...
    As far as DoD goes, more is better... always. :)
  10. epiceuropean

    epiceuropean Member

    More slots! I need them! Every character I've played has filled up the nine available to me eventually.
  11. rulinus

    rulinus Member

    this issue is the most annoying thing in the game.

    i am playing a pure mage char, (burglary, promethean, psi, flesh, ley, blood, math) i have like 15 spells, but not enough slots, it is insanely time consuming to select spells.
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  12. Bumping this because I really wanted to be able to use my math spells w/ my astrology but I have no slots! Very tough to expand the panel everytime!
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  13. rulinus

    rulinus Member

    Yes, even most shitty games are giving you a bunch of action bars to configure your skills and spells and shit, a great game like dredmor is not. What a mage-killing dissapointment. Hear us mighty developers!
  14. sidd

    sidd Member

    about that ... i play on an old PC, with a small screen ... and ... well, when i want to switch a skill on the far-right side on the screen, i can't even see all the skill in the pop-up mini-menu, the latter skills gets out of bounds ^^
  15. darius404

    darius404 Member

    You can just have arrows at the right end that let you move up and down between different skill bars. At the left end can be the "bar number" to keep track of where you are in the skill bars.
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  16. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    Really up/down arrows that let us switch between multiple skillbars is not too much to ask. (mousewheel and pageup/pagedown would be good ways to switch between them as well).

    Proof of concept:
    Proof of concept.jpg

    It wouldn't have to be that wide either, I just made it that way because it was easier. ;)
    16x16 buttons would be plenty.
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  17. darius404

    darius404 Member

    I know that's probably a photoshop or something, but I have to ask anyway: is that from a mod?
  18. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    No, it's just edited. Which is why he wrote "proof of concept" when posting it.
  19. Frelus

    Frelus Member

    I second (or whatever number we are at now) this notion, but I would think even another skillbar above this would be sufficient, the skills on that bar possibly having the hotkey CTRL+number.
    But the idea of switching the bar is better, imho.
  20. darius404

    darius404 Member

    I like it better too. The main problem with just adding another bar on top is screen space. A lot of the screen is already taken up by bars, and the map, and (for me) my Horadric Lutefisk Cube being open. The more space is taken up, the less space there is to have an open inventory or character sheet, and more importantly, the less tile space you can see, which is pretty important for noticing monsters.