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  1. Ruigi

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    Blog posts at several points have mentioned "traits" or special attributes that are applied to each individual colonist. I had a few questions regarding these.

    In what way can these traits influence the behavior of a colonist? Do these traits merely modify values on the character sheet, or do they invoke procedural triggers that change behavior in more complex ways?

    How are these traits acquired? Are they given when the character is spawned or can they be attained/lost by environmental factors?

    This concept reminds me of a similar implementation in the Crusader Kings series. Is anyone at Gaslamp familiar with this game? If so, How is Clockwork empire going to contrast with its own implementation of character traits?
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  2. dbaumgart

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    Definitely fodder for another blog post. Or did we do one on this already? Well, the system is being better developed as time goes on anyway.

    But just wanted to say that yeah, I played a bunch of CK 1 as well as a bunch of other Paradox games and they're a significant influence in both what to do and what not to do.
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  3. Ruigi

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    I was always interested in seeing the bloodied survivors of a gruesome encounter walking away with some kind of psychological damage. Like a PTSD trait acquired after the last surviving colonist walls themselves in the warehouse and survives by eating the corpse of his slain comrade.

    Or perhaps some interesting stuff like a "coward" trait

    If the colonist is in a military unit, he will run away if under fire without protection or if he is at a disadvantage.
    The colonist will refuse to enter undiscovered or ominous territories
    The colonist will never commit suicide (will instead break down and whimper pathetically if suicidal).
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  4. Nadd

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    Should leave some room for "Goofball", "Lovable Doofus", "Sarcastically Clumsy", and "Bashful". Roles to fill roles to fill.
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  5. Xyvik

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    Don't forget such wonderful classics as Sleepy, Sneezy...oh wait wrong list. I would personally like to see a whole lot of traits related to fear or cowardice as Ruigi mentioned. Or the even more fun aspects, Weird Lusts. Citizens that develop unwholesome longings for rocks. Or sheep.

    ....although that might just be a little too weird...
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  6. Nadd

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    "Lazy-Eyed" "Dresses in Floral Curtains" "Shapely" "Easily Misplaced" "Exuberant Sneezer" "Affinity for Jorts and Related Jort Fashions"
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  7. Giygas

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    Warning: do not read below spoiler. Below spoiler contains bad jokes/joke-ish things (and obviously not serious suggestions), because Giygas cannot make good jokes/joke-ish things or serious suggestions.

    A (very) rare trait called "Giygas" (cue booing). Small and unassuming, generally acts like Ruigi's description of a coward... until he gets his hands on a powerful weapon/weapon-ish thing.

    Word of warning: Do not let him get his hands/hand-ish things on a weapon/weapon-ish thing.

    Regardless of the crappy idea that I just came up with, i'm interested to see everyone else's ideas.
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  8. Nadd

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    "Marital Consummator of Small Rodents" "Chronically Goosebumped" "Pleasant" "Pheasant" "Always Seems to Smell Like What You'd Think the Color Yellow Tastes Like" "Peasant" "Pea's Aunt" "I'm All Out of Those" "Thinks Fruition Has Something to do With Fruit"
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