More Difficult Monsters

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by MonsterMod, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Ah. I see. Sadly until MonsterMod comes back and answers you may be stuck with manual installation. Hmmm. He has not been here since late 2012. Have you tried contacting him via a PM? If he has it in his settings, then it may send him an e-mail informing him of the PM. And if not...

    Can the mod be claimed by Gaslamp Games so that someone can upload it? It would not detract from the work he put into it, but this may be the only solution if he is not reachable.
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    I might sound rude now, but I've learned that simply keeping a copy of the data on a flash drive that you carry with you tends to be more ... reliable than Steam Cloud. Maybe it's just me, though.

    Technically speaking, not really. Not until he replies anyway. And if he doesn't, we'd have to wait a bit longer.
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