Monster resistances?

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    To what extent do monsters deeper down in the dungeons resist different types of damage? (I haven't had a lot of time to play, and I've mostly tried to avoid skills that are obviously overpowered, so I haven't made it deep enough to get a good idea of the current state of monster resistances.) One obvious way to balance magic with melee and magic schools with each other is to make resistances stronger and more common. You shouldn't (at least on Going Rogue) be able to run through the game spamming only one powerful spell.

    If you wanted to be really nasty, you could even add monsters that reflect a damage type to prevent indiscriminate AoE spamming. :)

    I'm not saying that the magic schools don't need other kinds of balancing as well, but that has been widely discussed, whereas I haven't seen a lot of talk about resistances.
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    The only charecter i've played all the way through was a necro based mage. I was mainly using nightmare on everything and the only thing i found that didn't seem to get hurt too much by it was the zombies.
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    @kryft This is not Morrowind's Bloodmoon, we don't need Riekling Raiders and their 60% reflect magic. :)
    That said, perhaps magic needs a nerfing, and melee needs a boosting.
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    Why don't we need reflect magic? Right now Magic is far too reliable. Once you're powerful enough you can steamroll through the game without any surprises.

    In comparison, even the most powerful melee fighter must always be on their toes. At any time an enemy can counter + crit you, turning a seemingly short encounter into a fight for your life. Magic definitely needs a similar boost in the exhilaration department.

    +1 to higher resistances at the very least. It's shameful that a Promethean mage can storm straight through the "fire" dungeon level without even considering different tactics.
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    Oo, my thread got necrobumped!

    @DavidB1111 I haven't played Bloodmoon, but I agree with J-Factor: the game needs a way to keep mages on their toes and prevent them from managing every encounter by spamming the same attack spell.

    Having some monsters reflect fire (or whatever) would contribute towards both goals. You wouldn't be able to kill everything with one spell (or even spell tree), and you would have to watch where you throw your fireballs so you don't accidentally hit a fire-reflecting monster.

    I think this kind of balancing is more fun than just nerfing powerful skills. I would rather have powerful characters and powerful monsters than weak characters and weak monsters.
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    @kryft I think you and J-Factor misunderstood me. I think Mages need nerfing, but reflect may be a bit troublesome. Plus, this is a game based on Roguelikes, not Morrowind/Oblivion. :)
    Reflect shouldn't be in.

    Having monsters immune to fire would help. Seriously, I agree.
    Reflect is awkward at best. Nonsensical at worst.
    Not in the spirit of the genre as well. Seriously. You can't disrupt a vital part of Roguelikes. :)

    Let's work on nerfing mages, without adding reflect, thank you. There are so many ways.
    Let's also work on fixing warriors so they're not always getting beat silly.
    Warrior=Tank, Mage=glass cannon.
    Adding reflect is a bit like trying to launch a nuclear missile from a silo with the silo door closed, it's suicide. :)
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    I thought most Pyro Mage stack fire resists just like Necro Mage stacks necro resist. So I think it's kinna dumb if the reflection is so powerful it kills the mage anyway.

    Some monsters need more resist sure, like dungeon 9 eels swimming in lava shouldn't be taking damage from fireballs. Or even worst, fire golems dying from his own flames.

    From what I know the next patch will add piercing defense to warrior armor. This should allow room for new archer type monsters that does piercing damage. Warrior armor will tank them just fine, but mages will be taking big damage. Giving the archers high magic resist will also force mages to use new strategies. To prevent a bad zoo from becoming impossible archers can be limited to having just 3 or 4 range.
  8. DavidB1111

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    See, now, that works. :)
    I can get behind that. Reflect attacks are problematic at best anyhow. Especially since this game isn't Morrowind. :)
  9. IanExMachina

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    Just because a game has magic reflection doesn't make it Morrowind. Also just because Morrowind has reflection doesn't mean another game shouldn't have it included.
    You could also point out this game has quite a few things that aren't based exactly on classic roguelikes and so shouldn't be in.

    I feel reflect chance for magic would be a good idea, it would mean people could stop and plan their spells rather than just sticking to the same spell/same tree, it also balances out with melee having counter, as magic spell combat at the moment is pretty safe.
  10. DavidB1111

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    Why does this game need reflect magic?

    Why? Just answer me that.
    I don't get it.
    I like to play as a warrior class, what next, iron maiden from Diablo? Thorns?

    It probably wouldn't even function correctly. Besides, what's wrong with increasing monster resistances?
    Seriously, why add in silly additions when you can do something simple. :)
  11. IanExMachina

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    >'Why does this game need reflect magic?'

    Why shouldn't it have it? Also it could add strategy in spell casting.

    >'I like to play as a warrior class, what next, iron maiden from Diablo? Thorns?

    Firstly why would magic reflect automatically lead to those other game mechanics?

    >'It probably wouldn't even function correctly.

    I'm pretty sure Gaslamp Devs would be able to create it, after all they created the whole game, and are fixing the bugs so far in patches.

    >'Besides, what's wrong with increasing monster resistances!?!?!

    Resistances is just really bulking enemies up, magic reflection could add another degree of strategy.
  12. DavidB1111

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    First off, I edited my post, because I thought it was a little harsh, and for some reason, this forum didn't register that you already replied. Damnit. Care to edit your post?

    Second: Whatever, how about this, we agree that not everyone would like this idea. I think we can agree on that
    Honestly, I just want to play the game and not be bothered by extreme annoyances.
    The game isn't meant to be Omega level hard. That's an extremely hard Roguelike, which was beat like once. :) And the creator made it harder after that.
  13. IanExMachina

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    Edited mine too.

    Yeah it does have it's supporters and detractors.
    So agree to disagree on whether it would be a fun addition or not.
  14. DavidB1111

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    Fair enough.