[Monster] Mimics are here to wreak havoc

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    Mimics have gone "Gold" on Steam Workshop. [I believe that was a pun!]

    Exciting treasures for you! Let's open up all the treasure chests... wait a minute, they bite!
    Final release version:
    * Brand new graphic of Mimic on Steam Workshop.
    * Four varieties of mimics to fight on the first four levels of the game.
    * New monster graphics depicting mimics.
    * New 20 x 10 Mimic Hideout with a horde of mimics and friends.
    Courtesy of Daily PC Game Reviews @ http://www.dailypcgamereviews.com

    Attached is the entire Mimics mod for those who need a basic monster template to work with.


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    Tried this out yesterday-- your sprites are fantastic :D