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    I haven't delved into Dredmor mods because I'm trying to achieve Vanilla Victory (90 hours in and this just isn't working out for me!). I'm not terribly interested in new skills, but there seem to be mods that enhance certain elements of gameplay (e.g., make Fungal Arts less pointy-clicky).

    If I install mods, will that automatically disable achievements? That would make sense to me, but figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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    Hmm...then couldn't someone theoretically create game-breaking mods to power through all the achievements and such? I mean, I guess it's not really that important, achievements really don't mean anything. Lol :)
  4. Daynab

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    Yep, they technically could.
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    Why would you do that?!
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    Technically you could just turn on debug mode and level yourself through the skill achieves. But you won't, because doing that is for losers.
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    Yeah, I've accidentally managed to get myself on the leaderboards with a mod that I made a while back before I knew about debug mode, and use if I don't feel like changing the flag or it can't do something I need.
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