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    As per the title, what are some awesome character builds you've found with DoD mods?

    Some of my builds and theoretical builds below (with more to come):

    Staffsage (Required Mods: FaxPax)

    Dual Wield
    Blood Mage

    The Gist: Scale melee attacks off of Magic Power as much as possible for an ultimate Gish character. In this instance, we're scaling off of Arcane Strike, Holy Sword, Arcane Might and (sometimes) Smite Evil.

    Skills: Get Lucky Pick at level 2, then build up Spellsword, Inquisitor and Blood Mage. Snag It Belongs in a Museum! when you get some artifacts to burn, and max Staves when you get two decent ones from Evil Chests.


    Craft two Death Scythes (Roguish Renovation) despite the fact that you are not an alchemist! Get a Diggle God of Booze buff (+2 Alchemy), then eat a Rama's Banana (+1 Alchemy), then dual-wield two Crafter's Manuals (+2 Alchemy). Finally, craft a Potion of Alchemical Inspiration (+1 Alchemy) for the required +6 skill. This will eventually culminate in you rushing at Lord Dredmor with 25+ Necromantic resistance and a Smite Evil/Holy Sword radiant damage combo.
  2. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oooh, this will be fun.

    Pele the Peltast (Compleat Essential Skills, Practical Geology, Elemental Warrior)
    Practical Geology
    Elemental Warrior
    Blood Mana
    (Your Choice Of: Burglary, Artful Dodger, Silver Tongue, or Fungal Arts)

    The idea here is simple: you're an unstoppable force that throws knives at people and kills them with it. Tricks include:
    • Throwing vast quantities of weapons by using Blood Magic to fuel Ninjitsu's Secret Sword.
    • Casting Stone Fist on yourself for +5 throwing damage (at the cost of crit% and counter%, but still useful on the first 4 floors).
    • Taking advantage of Elemental Warrior's bonus damage at huge range.
    • Stunning baddies with Seismic Uppercut and Earthquake for more chances to throw stuff at them.
    • Combining Ninjitsu and Elemental Warrior's combat-avoidance techniques with Bushido/Geology/Elemental Warrior's when-hit procs and resistances and dual shields to become virtually unkillable. (Dual Mirror Shields along with the various healing procs will make Dredmor himself laughable when you finally get there. :) )

    More later!
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  3. Aegho

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    Viking Magic / Unarmed
    Archeology / Tinkering

    Leylines+ninjutsu = inexhaustible supply of throwing weapons.
    Viking magic helps the occasional melee, and boosts your throwing weapon damage too(feel free to substitute with unarmed, I've gone both ways, but prefer viking for flavor and DL1 ease due to the proc).
    Emomancy gives you heal+debuff clean, aoe, and resist buff.
    Demonology gives you celestial circle, nuff said. Breeze through zoos.
    Burglary and archeology(or tinkering) I don't need to explain.

    It doesn't go for dual wield, or weapon skills(possible exception of unarmed) because most of the time it wants to wield two books(golem cookbooks from dire gourmand are a personal favorite, for the +8 voltaic damage)

    Grab lucky pick first, then max out leylines for all the mp regens and of course the teleport(the teleport is the reason you max it rather than stick a point in and go on to something else), then get celestial circle. After that probably go it belongs in a museum, then the cure... after that it gets pretty fuzzy.

    Most of the time you just lazily kill from afar, but if there's a lot of enemies you slap down the circle and become a living turret. I've used more than 200 throwing knives against a zoo and not run out, or needed to touch the better throwing weapons.
  4. mining

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    Ooh, staffsage would work well with War Weaver - remind me to try that one out. Also add in Kung Fu perhaps instead of staves for that juicy Fireball stance.

    Combinations I like:

    Necrotic Aspirant
    Fungal Arts
    War Weaver
    Clockwork Knights
    Kung Fu

    This skillset gives you some good zoo clearers, good sustain through Fungal, and good crafting levels (+4 to all except +3 to alchemy) in addition to a solid array of options with War Weaver and Kung Fu. You scale well off of both magic power, defenses and melee bonuses, so you can quite comfortably gear yourself with whatever you find, using War Weaver, Necronomiconomics and Kung Fu to cover your weaknesses.
  5. OmniaNigrum

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  6. Myrkabah

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    Dual Axe Warlock (Required Mods: Faxpax, Compleat Essential Skills)

    Dual Wield
    Avenging Executioner

    (You may note that all my builds have Archeology and Burglary).

    Skills: Get Lucky Pick at level 2, then build up Warlockery to Empowered Form, then Avenging Executioner. Get Axes to max when you get two Evil Chest Axes. Leave Duel Wield at level 1.

    Gear: Get a Clockwork Chainaxe (Clockwork Knights) for delicious multi-attacks.

    Does absurdly high melee damage and can clear zoos like nobody's business. Suffers a bit from multi-ability dependency, though. Use Diggle God of Booze for early Magic Regen so you can use the incredibly powerful Empowered Form through the early levels.
  7. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Kung Fu
    Rogue Scientist (If you don't recognize this, you'll find out soon enough...)
    Dual Wield

    This might seem like an awkward build, but it's really something special. It's designed from the ground up to abuse the crafting system with the intent of crafting the maximum amount of Bolts of Mass Destruction, but as it turns out, it can also get dual Maces of Windu on DL3 or 4 with a little luck, and can craft the best wands and potions later on (thanks to Rogue Scientist). Kung Fu is there mostly for Kleptoblobby Stance's free reagents; Burglary is there to make sure you get all of the relevant reagents that were hiding in otherwise-smashed chests. Piracy is strictly for the free gems. Maces allows the aforementioned Maces of Windu trick as well as giving plenty of knockback for easy crossbowery with your massive tinkered archery badassitude.

    This isn't so much a Power Build as an Extraordinarily Fun Build, and I suggest everyone who loves crafting and/or thinks wand mastery isn't a great skill should try it. :)
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  8. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Inquisitor, Bushido, Demonology, Geology, Viking Magic, [Leylines for mana and tele/Alchemy for potions/Clockwork Knight for broad-spectrum crafting and teles], [Burglary for picks and tele/Archaeology for XP/Tinkering for traps and bolts]. Requires FaxPax, Geology, Clockwork Knights, and Essential Skills. This is the hardest hitting melee character I've played. On the first floor, before even equipping anything, you deal +2:dam_voltaic: with an additional +7:melee_power:. It is, hands down, first floor easymode. I prefer taking CK and Tinkering, myself, to better handle deep traps.
  9. Silvertongued

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    Using plain 1.0.10 and Complete Essential Skills:

    Unarmed Combat (maxed)
    Artful Dodge (knightly leap)
    Burglary (maxed)
    Archaeology (Museum)
    Kung Fu

    I saw the new Kung Fu and Ninjitsu skills and thought: let's try and build an Unarmed guy up to his neck in martial arts. Course, I don't recall Bruce Lee walking around in plate armor with giant shields in both hands....

    I made it to Lord Dredmor for first time with this tank. Had no idea what to expect and died at his hands. I was playing with Perma on so no second try. Ah well...

    Basically, my character reached level 24, maxed Unarmed, maxed Burglary, and though was not one-shoting the Monster Zoos, needed very little help as he was barely scratched most of the time. The early Ninjitsu skill of becoming invisible for two moves is a very powerful skill. I used the others too but this was the biggest. Probably not a perfect build by any means, but was easy to use so should be considered beginner-friendly. The order of the skills is undoubtedly very important though. I think the first skills were Unarmed, then Archaeology, then Ninjistu (it really improves survivability early on), then the Psionics to crystals. Oddly I suppose, I only took the burglary stuff much later, since the biggest advantage early on was its innate ability to max HP from traps, not the key-making. I had trouble finding anything on the kung-fu skill tree, and took Batty when I had about 70 HP (with toys), which ended up being permanently on thanks to the increased counter-attacks it gives and evasiveness.
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  10. Aegho

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    Let me preface this by saying I run a lot of mods. (Including needful things, which has bearing on this).

    Mecha Dancer:

    Dual Wield
    Clockwork Knight (DLC version)
    Dance Fighting

    This build is extremely powerful, extremely durable, and has awesome utility.

    So far I'm on floor 6 with character level 18(I've had two mysterious portals). Skillup order has been: lucky pick->moon walk->mechanic to work work->it belongs in a museum->max clockwork knight->max mechanic->demonology to celestial circle->the force don't stop. (I intend on maxing dance fighting next).

    Of particular melee offensive note: I have 2 100% chance scaling damage procs(mechanics/dance fighting), and clockwork knight has a proc that makes me attack multiple times sometimes.

    Massively useful zoo clearing abilities like bunker buster, electronic arts, charge of the steam brigade, energy wall.

    I can fortress up with celestial circle, energy wall, thaumecha-kinetic damper and blast things from afar with throwing/crossbow/rocket punch and above mentioned zoo clearers.

    I've got 4 teleports that are all useful in various situations(moon walk, rocket jump, parabolic mecha-jump, charge of the steam brigade)

    And of course work work gives me tons of materials to make bolts/throwing weapons of various types. (I've got 1300 darts, 400 hand grenades, 23 grappling bolts, 51 bomb bolts, 59 thermite bombs, and several others).

    I heal with alchemy thanks to needful things(and I think rama's bananas are faxpax). I got a nice sized pile of healing potions.

    Oh and not to forget: When I get to dredmor, electronic arts will be a godsend because it silences! I can shut down his spellcasting, teleport closer, set up my fort, and melee him down. (Or silence, fort, zoo clearers and pull him close with grappling bolts!)

    And I've picked up/crafted crazy-good gear(including things where I got the recepie guaranteed from clockwork knight!) I've been wielding dual spears of holy sacrifice since floor 2 myserious portal...
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  11. Myrkabah

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    Sudden realization:

    The skills Inquisitor (from FaxPak) and Necronomiconomics go together like peas and carrots. Inquisitor not only gives fantastic Necro resist (for a total of 9 necro resist from skills with the 3 from Necronomiconomics), but the Divine Restoration capstone lets you cleanse curses from yourself, too.

    Dropping Burglary from my Staffsage build and replacing it with Necronomiconomics is a pretty vast improvement, IMO. It synergizes really, really well and gives some much needed ranged combat/zoo clearing ability.
  12. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    This is partially intentional: it's to allow for a Punisher/Ghost Rider/John Constantine type character ("I do good things in bad ways").
  13. Myrkabah

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    Amusingly, the character I did from this is named "Necropaladin". "Magic in the Blood" is a quite nice ability to get some quick Mana for a Divine Restoration if you need it. And Arcane Channeling+Pact of Fleeting Life+Vital Siphon on a gish build is hot.
  14. OmniaNigrum

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    Add in Avenging Executioner and it gets even more sickeningly overpowered. Massively so in fact.

    This is not the place to say this, but I am doing it anyway. AE is perhaps massively overpowered. I take it on my Radiant Wizards. That should say everything. :)
  15. Myrkabah

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    @Omni: We could start a mod balance thread here. :) I have some input on what you're saying but it would send the thread a bit offtopic.
  16. Myrkabah

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    Oh, here's a build that has some potential. (DIII servers are down this morning so I made a new DOD character. =D)

    Radiant Fire Goddess
    Radiant Wizard
    Dragonfire Aspirant
    Dastardly Scoundrel
    Blood Mage

    The flavor of this build seems to demand a female character. :) At high levels (theoretically, as I just came up with it) she would be floating around, hurling bursts of flame and blasts of light, disintegrating monsters with wild abandon while disappearing and reappearing at-will.

    Level 2: Lucky Pick
    Max Dragonfire Aspirant.
    Snag Archeology 2
    Max Burglary and Dastardly Scoundrel
    Archmage 2
    Max Radiant Wizard

    Dragonbreath and Light Dart will be your main sources of damage for a while. By the time the major RW penalties come into play, you'll have dual vanishes and more escapes than you can shake a stick at. Since you'll be leaving behind multiple flame auras and an entangling breath as you leave, enemies will have some trouble actually getting to you in melee. As for spells? The multiple sources of magic reflect will turn them right back on them.
  17. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oh my gawd this build is so much fun. I call it <french accent>LA DAVID</french accent> (see it's an acronym, I'm punny).

    Viking Magic

    Between Martyr's Aegis (Inquis), Shelter (Druid), Radiant Aura (Astro), and Power of Magic Steel (Viking), I get these benefits as early as level 4: +1 :dmg_righteous:, +2 :dam_voltaic:, +1 :resist_piercing:, +2 :resist_voltaic:, +1 :resist_nercomatic:, +1 :sagacity:, +1 :melee_power:, +2 :crit:, +5 :edr:, +14 :block:, +5 :armor_asorb:, +19 :magic_resist:, -25 :sneakiness:, +4 :sight:, +1 :life_regen:, +1 :mana_regen:, a stun proc on hit, a stun proc when hit, and a healing proc when hit. Leylines makes magic steel basically free.

    Plus, you have a teleport, the awesome Celestial Circle, Archaeology XP and trap handling. Excellent gish.

    I dropped demonology in my current build for alchemy (since I love alchemy so damn much, see signature), but since I'm using FaxPax I can craft Bylli Crystals for Celestial Circle.
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  18. Werediggler

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    I wanna be punny too! Let's see here.

    Psionics (or Wandlore, these are interchangeable ;))
    Elemental Warrior

    Oh gawd, I didn't think this through.

    (Never too old for Wandlore jokes!) :p
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  19. mining

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    Needs more wandlore.
  20. Werediggler

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    Well, I guess I could change it to wenises... :p