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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Glazed, May 29, 2012.

  1. LionsDen

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    I don't know what the file path is. When I uploaded the mod to steam it first did a validation on it.
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  2. Bohandas

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    But there's not an actual validator actually on your actual computer that you can actually check beforehand before blindly trying to upload the mod?
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    And anyway not everyone uses Steam Workshop to publish his mods, many came here to ask for help and some of them just lacks a > or have one more in the code.

    After all is just a little sticky, nothing too invasive.
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    Fair enough.
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    I'll bump this with a thank you for this, since the URL to the web version is apparently still broken, and the Github files appear to be the source code only, still.

    Maybe someone can edit the first post to contain a link to the archived file OmniaNigrum posted?
    Not to diss Glazed, of course! It's just that this is a stickied thread with the sole purpose of helping people, and as it is now, the first post isn't all that useful. I messed around with those Github files for over an hour before figuring out I wasn't actually too stupid to figure out how it was supposed to work.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I'm a big stupid
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    If you are Windows, the link to should work. Here it is again. But I am guessing since you looked at the GitHub version that you were using Linux or Mac?

    If that URL does not work, I can put it in a dropbox link if that would help.

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  7. Gorbax

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    Guess I am too stupid. Didn't notice the attached files to the first post, derp
    Thanks a second time!

    Feel free to point and laugh!
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    If I were going to point and laugh, I would have to find a mirror first. :D

    Do not feel bad. Everyone here is a Human, and quite capable of unimportant mistakes. We understand.
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